SOLVED: MIDI rec and M32 problem

EDIT: seems I can’t do anything without clock on. With clock on it runs fine…but starts the M32s sequencer…which is a big P.I.T.A.


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I’ve recorded the MIDI of my live playing a keyboard in Reaper. I want to use that MIDI track with the OT. I send the MIDI out and rec + play, voila, trigs on track.

I setup to send MIDI to my Mother 32. Everything seems to be setup fine: I can play from the OT in Chromatic mode (while sequencer is running), clock is set to off (M32 stars its sequencer upon clock) I go ahead and hit play…

Nothing. The red light on the M32 which indicates the reception of a MIDI signal blinks; first trig on audio track.


Even worse, when I disconnect the MIDI, it’s almost as if the M32 is frozen: won’t play its own sequencer and cannot play notes from the keyboard; nothing until a power cycle.

Help please. :frowning: Thank you.