[Solved] OT sending MIDI CC to A4

Try a different cable maybe?
Also someone else’s virus was crashing yesterday when sending clock to it, longshot but maybe try disabling clock/transport. Is there any kind of reset you can do on the virus?
Seems maybe the OT side is ok from your monitoring, but there’s the little midi out pixel you can check on the upper right of the bpm that flashes if the OT is sending out midi.

Unbelievable. I killed the clock send and now the edits on the Virus stopped. How on earth could this be possible? Clock isn’t a CC??? So it looks like I cannot use my OT as master clock for the Virus. I’ve been using midi since the 90s and this is a 1st for me.

Huh, sorry dude I almost mentioned this a few times yesterday but I just didn’t think it could be the case and that maybe there was more happening with this other persons rig besides clock.
Here’s the thread, it was just yesterday before this happened to you:

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Yeah the edits occur right as soon as I turn clock back on. Unbelievable. I can’t have the Virus clock free running with all of the tempo synced LFOs and delay effects, etc. What a bizarre situation and a huge disappointment. If there is one piece of gear that I’d like to p-lock into oblivion it is certainly the Virus. So it looks like I will have to bring along another clock source and slave the OT. I’m inclined to think this is a bug with the OT. I have never had an issue like this with the Virus working with any other hardware or software.

I appreciate the help with troubleshooting here, guys.

While trying to help you out yesterday I read something on another forum about the virus handling sync and lots of midi better over usb instead of din…
If you have access to a usb host device with dins like an iconnect, you could try…

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Funny thing is that I’ve not even started to p-lock anything, I was just putting down some notes and then troubleshooting why the hell the sound keeps changing. The stream is very light weight at this point.

Oh, and by the way, I did change cables so physical layer issues are out. I’m wondering if the clock signal is malformed somehow. I’m going to check out that other thread now.

For troubleshooting purposes, yes I can do that. However, I cannot do that as a work around because I have tempo synced LFOs and effects. My Virus patches will sound like a train wreck.

There is no laptop in the chain so I cannot transform the midi input. That functionality is also beyond the feature spec of the MV.

I think the unfortunate reality is that I’m going to have to run my MV-8000 as master clock, sequence the Virus with the MV and then just slave the OT. I was really hoping to be able to run a more slimmed down setup but it appears unlikely.