SOMA RoAT (Rumble of Ancient Times)

Not much more information other than a 3 December release date as yet… and this on Instagram


…smells like a. russian take on chiptunes…sidstation from russia…

no need for me…my enner is still in transit…


Yup, sounds and looks quite 8-bit.

love that trailer :blush::heart:


I can’t imagine what Somas take on chiptune or a bitchrusher could possibly look like. I’m incredibly excited to see what comes out of this


yet again I wish soma gear had a more traditional sequencer, which I get totally goes against what their gear is all about. I love Soma regardless. their stuff is ace :heart:


Preorder is open, and I’ve signed up. The price is 130 euros.

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Not for me.
I think Buying lots of other cheap / weird boxes has taught me that after a few hours they go in the drawer / on the shelf

Similar to all the teenage engineering things gathering dust.( pocket operators … the op1 was sold )

But I do like that soma make these weird things , both cheap and expensive.


Same, I love the idea of a bunch of small (especially the breadboarded bastl stuff) machines as a setup, but in reality it just doesn’t seem to work out for me.


I want a wacko little box that’s very portable. I’ve never gone for a pocket operator because they don’t seem like enough. I had an OP-Z, but I couldn’t live with the limitation to that sonic quality, particularly at that price. One thing that really appeals about this RoAT is the battery time that’s an order of magnitude greater than the OP-Z or M8 so that I can carry it around or leave it lying around without battery paranoia.

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Not for me. I know it’s for someone and I like knowing that it’s experimental and definitely has a place in someone’s setup, especially with that price tag

I wanna see this run through a Strega


Not for me due to the sound I’ve heard thus far but love the design and price point.


This does feel like it would pair super well with the m8 as sample fodder. :thinking:

A few years ago and I would have been all over this. My experience has been that small niches boxes become clutter and tend to either not get used or distract from more capable machines that I can actually be productive with. There are a few exceptions for me that I use as sample sources or just to get inspired by a different or more abstract workflow.

I love that Soma is not just a high end designer company though, but rather one that genuinely makes off the wall products for a wide array of budgets. This may not be for me, but is definitely a piece that solidifies Soma as one of the builders I hold the most respect for.


weird name choice, wouldn’t call 8 bit ancient. Especially coming from a company like soma. I’d expect it to be some massive sounding ominous ethereal thing used to summon demons


I once had an isdn modem.
I guess I should make music with it.



(doesn’t mean i do not like soma stuff. wished I had some bucks left for that 4 channel drum machine, but wife says no.)


Not interested in the sound

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