Some issues on A4 [resolved]

A couple of things:

  1. When double pressing tracks always shows latest chosen sound and not the sound that are actually on the track im pressing.

  2. When increasing the delay on i.e track 2 it also increases on track 1.

Its been a while since ive used A4 so i cant remember if there are some settings for this or if its just normal behaviour?

Double tapping the track opens the sound browser and not the sound on the selected track - thats normal behaviour in my experience.

If you’re increasing the delay on a tracks amp page it shouldnt affect the other tracks. Do you have different sounds on each track, what are the poly settings, any neighbour settings on oscillators?

Are you referring to the “Delay Send level on the AMP page of Track 2” ?

There is only one delay, and sometimes folks confuse this by turning up the overall delay parameters on the FX Track, which will effect any sounds/tracks that are sending to the delay processor.

Yes. Its the delay send level on the amp page.

Its not only the delay. All changes i make on a track and another track mirrors the changes.
All voices are enabled, no neighbour tracks.

Any midi loop ?


I think youre into something. I am using it with OT. OT midi out to A4 and A4 midi out to OT.
Turned off OT and problem gone. Any idea how i can avoid this with OT turned on?

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You can disable CC send in A4’s Global Midi menu. :wink:

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Cant find CC send in Global menu ?

Global, Midi Port Config, Encoder Dest = INT

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pg 48 of (MK1) manual.

Got it:)
It was set to int+ext. But still a bit weird that with this setting changes are made on multiple tracks on A4. Is it because OT receives the changes and send them back to A4?