Some Maschine Sample are very low or no sound

Hello Dear Elektronauts…

This week I had the please to welcome in my humble home studio the M:S and the M:C… willing to move more and more to a dawless setup. Being an old Maschine freak, I started to copy some of my ( legit ) Maschine Kits to my new buddy… But after checking the result, I found that some of the sample are very very low ( even no sound ) … Is this linked to something special ? normaly all these files must have the same gain level ( Or I would have the same issue in Maschine itself… ) …

Any advise is welcome

( and by the way, I will also post a request for improvement : being limited to 9 characters is not an issue, but have the full name starting to scroll would be very very good )

Thanks and good evening


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I don’t know if this would necessarily cause the issue of lower volume but I do believe the Model Samples is 44.1khz sample rate and the Maschine sample packs are 48khz. Not sure if the Model Samples would automatically convert the sample rate.

Also, the Maschine samples can be stereo where the Model Samples is mono samples, could be some phasing issues though I doubt this should matter on drum hits.

I’d try converting the samples to 44.1khz first and see if that’ll fix it. I don’t have a model samples but I do have a digitakt and haven’t had issues with putting my Maschine packs onto it.

My Model Samples plays the 24/48 stereo samples from my MPC Live no issues so I doubt it’s that.

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Thanks for your feedback… I gave a retry this morning and found that I was using not the original Maschine folders but the ones coming from “Kit Maker”… I believe some sounds are simply missing in there… So tried back from the NI Library and …Voila… Solved

Have a nice Sunday

Transfer converts automatically…