Some of my tracks composed with octatrack and just one pattern per tracks

hello :slight_smile: that is my playlist only octatrack


Please, more information! How are you making such complex transitions and variations with only one pattern per track?

Very good stuff - congrats. It’s nice to hear OT being used in this way (not techno).

thanks :slight_smile: , i use only scènes for make variations and transitions :wink: for example with a beat i use filter and delay to make some variations

But this is seriously Octatrack only? No tracking in a DAW? I’m really curious how you built the tracks - live, OT arranger or multitracking in a DAW…

yes seriously :slight_smile: this is live recording , no computer just a recorder ( tascam dp 01) , i use the scène like patterns and with the interpolation of the fader i can make smooth transition and with the button ( hold the scène button and press the trigs scènes) i make break etc…

my english is so bad so it’s difficult for me to explain correctly :wink:

i have some vidéo with octatrack and other gear ,but with the other gears i use less my octatrack ^^

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