some questions for model:cycles (and samples i guess) owners

Hi, everybody,

I got myself a model:cycles because I wanted a drum focused machine with the elektron sequencer to free up tracks on my digitone

I love it to bits, but I’m having 3 small issues/annoyances:

  • I can’t see anyway to set a ‘performance mode’ like on the digitone, where pressing the track pad will mute/unmute it without needing to press func

  • when in sequencer mode, I need to press 2 - 3 times on my trigs with parameter locks to disable them, is it possible to disable a trig with locked params in only 1 press ?

  • and when I’m chaining patterns where tracks have different lengths, It doesn’t wait for the longest track to end its pattern to change to the next pattern

I guess what I want to know is if there are workarounds/solutions for these issues


  1. No performance mode, at least not that I know of.

  2. I might be wrong, but I always thought that pressing a trig with parameter locks turned it back into just a normal trig, then pressing again turned it off. It doesn’t help that the M:C trig Buttons are slightly inconsistent.

  3. In the pattern scale menu (FUNC + PAGE), make sure that you set the change length to a multiple of whichever the longest track is.


I will sometimes cheat in a pseudo performance mode behavior by just holding down the pads of the sounds I want muted. This works better with some machines than others and you have to be sensitive to how much pressure you apply. It only kinda works.
Regarding issue number two; I’ve experienced the same inconsistency that @Fin25 mentioned but I feel like it’s improved over time. Maybe there’s a break in period? Still isn’t great though and it’s been almost a year.


man, thanks a lot for the change length thing, that’s excatly what I needed, and it was the most bothersome thing I had with it

No worries, happy to help

I noticed the holding the pad down trick, but in a perfect world, it would be like on the digitone

These aren’t the best work arounds, but if you lock volume/distortion for each trig in a sequence, you can set the volume for the track to zero. Whenever you hold a pad it should mute the track. And you can still use track level for how loud the trigs in the sequence are. You can also fix the pad velocity to 1 and use them that way. You’ll still probably be able to hear the sound but it will be quiet.

Those are the ones I know about. On the Samples, you can also lock your samples in the sequence and choose a bit of silence as the sample for the track.

I think the easiest thing is to just use function + track.


yeah, it’s easier to use function + track

it’s just that it’s making me wish for another hand when palying live with several synths

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  1. The timing window between the Models registering a press of a trig as a toggle rather than a hold is quite short. If you want to remove a trig, you need to press it pretty quickly. I think it’s due to that timing window being the same as on the Elektrons with mechanical switches, where it feels more natural to quickly press a trig to remove it. The squishy buttons on the Models tend to make people push them in and hold for long enough to consider it a “hold” (where parameter locks can be adjusted etc), thus seeming unresponsive when trying to remove a trig.
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There is this option: [Model Samples] Mute Mode - #5 by OPZtacle

As others have noted, a quick press is your answer here. One quick press to turn off a note (normal) trig, and two quick presses to turn off a lock trig (first one turns it into a note trig).