Something I've wondered regarding free running LFO's

If I have a free running lfo on a sound but then am plocking other sounds on the same track, what happens to that free running lfo? does it continue to calculate its position in the background or will it reset?

Seems hard for me to understand how they’d have set things up to allow free running lfos along with plocking unless the A4 is calculating the lfos of all 128 instruments that’re loaded to a project.

Anyone know anything about this?

the LFOs live on the track - not the sound

A sound lock is just a bunch of parameter settings. I would guess the LFOs on each voice run according to how they are set in the default track sound, and when a sound-lock occurs, the LFO rate (etc) change temporarily.

eg. say you have a sound on a track with LFO1 set to x16/32, free running, and a sound-lock with LFO1 set to x2/48, in reset mode, with a different shape etc. When the sequencer hits the sound-lock, the LFO settings change, then change back when the default sound is trigged again.

This is just speculation on my part.

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