Something like push but hardware only

I’m wondering if there is anything like push out there to take the place of my midi keyboard. I am thinking scales and the chord play type stuff. Livid base seems close. Push would be cool but I don’t want to have to run ableton.

Any one got any ideas beyond usual keyboard?

Tenori on?

Korg padkontrol - you can map midi note for each pad x 16 program slots. I had all my usual scales/ modes in there.


Not sure what that beringer actually does? Looks more like tractor pad?

Just realised the livid base is only Usb not real midi. Too many controllers these days that only have Usb out.

Korg padkontrol looks nice and cheap. But I imagine it’s hard without the scale related visual feedback.

You could get something with USB Host? Kenton, iConnectMIDI, Teenage Engineering’s Oplab, etc. Of course you’ll have to spend more money still.

I feel your pain on the USB thing, every other thing I want seems to use it over real ports. I can’t wait to try out my Oplab once my girlfriend flies back home, it has a Device port for acting as a computer interface, two USB Host ports, MIDI In/Out, and CV In/Out :slight_smile:

Btw, they’re out of stock on TE’s site. Sometimes the Oplab comes up used, but not very often.

DSI Tempest!

wonder if there are any kits out there to convert usb-midi only to proper midi out…

Op-Lap Schmop-Lab!

Preorder an iConnectMIDI 4+, solve all your MIDI issues without a computer.

See my post above :slight_smile:

lol! the 4+ looks pretty nice (and nedavine it will chain something like 8 USB devices with it’s Host port iirc)

See my post above :slight_smile: [/quote]
Thanks - I’m on the waiting list for an iconnectmidi4 for months … wonder will it ever see the light of day. wonder have they run into trouble trying to get it play nice with iOS moodiness …

Also, that new AKAI MPC Element has MIDI I/O as well as USB- I’m not sure if it works without the computer (with just USB power).

Also, not really enough pads.

Btw, I checked, the Livid Base is class-compliant, meaning it will work with a USB host device.

Push is class compliant, too, but Ableton hasn’t released an official MIDI specification on it, yet.

Have you looked at Livid’s Ohm?

Got the 2+ Waiting for the 4+ also.

I confirm that Push works with an /iPad iPhone, in user mode obviously.

What would you think about an iPad with ‘Musix Pro’ app or similar?

le strum?