Something loose inside? SPS-1UW+

Moving my gear around the other day and when picking up my Machinedrum and tilting it upwards i noticed what seemed to sound like little parts moving around inside. Doesn’t sound a loose screw (screws).
I found this topic on the old Elektron- Users forum but the topic was never answered.
Can anyone here confirm if their Machinedrum does the same? Id like to find out if this is normal and maybe just some kind of mechanism inside (under the buttons or in the inputs) before i send it out to be repaired (without it actually needing to be repaired!)

yeh, i hear that on mine as well. noticed it a while back but just assumed it was the plastic buttons moving around. i was concerned too but i haven’t had any problems with it.

Thanks for the reply theeattre,
I was hoping this was a normal thing. Ive had my Machinedrum for about 3 years now but just noticed the sound a few days ago, but then again i rarely ever pick my MD up since it is studio use only.

yeah, definitely!

and it happened pretty much the same way with me; went to move it and heard tiny, sliding, plasticky klicks and got nervous. i mean when you spend $1500 …

i love my md-uw but i’m a bit sad i got in so late in the game. seems like everyone’s geeking out about the newer machines and this little sub-forum is kind of a ghost town. :slight_smile:

Hey folks,

I had the same problem with a Machinedrum I bought used. When I opened it up, it was just a little piece of plastic that had the color of the red LEDs. I checked all of them, nothing was missing. I could imagine, that sometimes, for example during production of such devices, a portion of “glue” is applied for certain parts, there sometimes might be a bit too much of it, which then dries and breaks after transport. It’s nothing serious, but it sounds damn bad - I agree! :smiley:

I was tempted to open my MD but its still under warranty.
Thanks for the info.

This is the moving part : a magnet around flat ribbon.

Thanks for the info.

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Its scary how little there is in these boxes when you open them up. A perfect smugglers instrument. Plenty of room for some Midnight Express!

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