Something to use a Pickup Machine for!

I want to get some really big super-saw style future-bass (please forgive me :joy:) chords but stay away from the computer. I’m sure using some VST I could crank up the unison and have everything sound fine. But that’s just not how I roll.

So with my Prophet 6 I can sequence some chords from the OT. Unfortunately it takes two midi tracks because these soul-chords have 5+ notes in them - an extra step but still easy. It sounds good but not huge.

Set the pickup-machine to quantize recording to pattern length. And set the pattern length to 64. And make sure it’s set to overdub. Now I can record my chord progression over itself and over itself again while turning up the oscillator-slop on the P6 a little more each time. Boom. Instant huge sounding chord progression all OTB.

Besides fooling around this is the first time I’ve used a pickup machine to actually help my production technique / workflow.


Great to hear that this works, never considered to use the pick-up machines this way, maybe I will try now … like in the old days with overdubbing on tape machines :wink:

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Brilliant! Excellent work!

I’ve always fancied messing around with the pickup machines but it would mean rerouting my entire setup to make the OT the master clock. Shame.

Don’t under-estimate manual sync :wink: Can be fun/fast using sequencers/loopers set at same bpm and just hitting rec/play :slight_smile: I do it all the time now and get away with it most of the time :wink: adds a kind of spontaneity/looseness/organic feel to workflow and also the vibe/direction of tracks.

Edit - I’m very likely under-thinking this with OT tho :wink: I’ve barely used pickup machines yet so I’m not sure how easy it would be able to use them loosely (if at all) when OT is setup as slave with other gear or running OT sequencer tracks etc…

AFAIK - and someone may correct me - they don’t really work at all unless OT is master


If the master tempo fed to OT isn’t rock solid, there’s the slight possibility of the dreaded Dub Aborted error halting a pickup machine recording … that’s why PUMs are only robust when the OT is set as Master sadly


Overdub doesn’t work if Ot is slave. (DUB ABORTED message), but replace mode should work.

I just checked, OT as slave, it works with GAIN mode, not in DUB mode. There’s a DUB ABORTED message even in GAIN mode.

OT as slave, it is possible to Overdub with Flex, recording Cue or T1, T2 etc…
If anyone want details…


i’m listening

Here’s an exemple with Track 1 and AB input :

T1 FLEX = Recording 1
1 trig on step 1

INCD = -
RLEN = loop length
SCR3 = T1

1 Rec trig on step 1, or a One Shot Rec.
Done. Play.

Instead of SRC3 = T1, you can use SRC3 = Cue and send T1 to Cue. With Cue you can record several tracks, it can be used instead of AB input too, sending a Thru track to Cue.


not really sure that this fulfils exactly the same criteria - not quite ‘overdubbing’ as aimed for by pick-up machines…

but a great tip nonetheless.


Why ? It mixes what was recorded with the new recording. What the difference for you ?

i think you know so i’m not gunna spell it out :wink:

top tip though and really creative solution. this idea has loads of creative applications - gunna give it a try for sure