Song mode and SCALE per track

I’m trying to dig into song mode on my AR mk2, noticed a weird thing that I could not find any thread mentioning it.

If I have SCALE per track and I set the MASTER to LEN: INF and CHNG: 16 the song will not switch rows, I have to set the LEN to something like 16/32/64 in order for the pattern to change, how come? isn’t that what’s CHNG for?

So if I have a track set to 12/16 and I want it to run smooth without re-triggering I need to set LEN to INF, but if I do it song won’t change rows…
If I set the LEN to something like 64 the scaled track will repeat too often, and it will make the shortest possible song row to run 64 trigs instead of let’s say 16 as I’d set in CHNG.

Anything I’m missing here or that’s just the way it is?

For whatever reason, Elektron decided that CHNG would only work (when LEN=INF) the way you expect when manually changing Patterns.

Customer Services told me Elektron planned to update the manuals to reflect how it actually works. The impression I got is that different members of the team have different understandings of what “master length” meant and the current functionality is the compromise of all the design aims.

Personally, I wish they’d fix it to work as the manual describes.

It’s the same way on the Digis.

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thanks! I thought I’m missing something cause it made no sense to me, will try working with it as it is for now, hoping for an update :slight_smile:

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