Song mode like the MD

Wishing that one day the A4 & RYTM will have a Song mode as complete as the MD.

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I tried to use song mode in the RYTM for the first time last night and was blown away. they completely crippled it compared to what the MD, MnM and OT can do. any idea why? I thought maybe it was because it’d be difficult to edit on the smaller screen (I have the mki RYTM) but it’s the same for the mkii RYTM. and it can’t be because it’s “just a drum machine” because the MD song mode was better…

in the RYTM song mode, for each line, you can set: pattern, pattern chain, number of repeats, and mutes. that’s it. granted, the chaining option is cool, but there’s a LOT left out.

in the OT song mode, for each line, you can set: pattern, number of repeats, mutes, BPM, transpose for each midi channel, scene, pattern step offset, pattern length, halt on that line, loop back to another line, jump to another line, or assign a label to that line.

that’s a pretty big difference! the MD and MnM options are similar to the OT, with the obvious exception of things like scenes. and I don’t think you could assign labels to lines, I forget… obviously the RYTM shouldn’t have midi transpose options but why the lack of halt/loop/jump/label? or pattern offset and length? or BPM?

any thoughts? does anyone even use song mode…?

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I use song mode, I wish you could adjust the scenes per row like you can the mutes.

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I agree!
I wish it will come in some future update because it was the best song mode.
Please Elektron!!!