Song mode sync (between devices and DAW)

I have an analog 4 which i use in song mode and it syncs nicely with the DAW ie. I can move the playhead in the DAW and the analog 4 song moves to the correct point in the song.
I have just started using the Digitakt song mode now and thought that it would sync to the analog 4 and DAW as well but seems the current position in the song does not get picked up by the Digitakt. I have tried messing with the settings but nothing seems to work, so assuming it is a limitation of the Digitakt.

Does anyone know if this is the case or if it is possible to get the song mode position to sync?

I tried all logical settings trying to get DT to follow OT or AR position with no luck

I didn’t get around to trying with a DAW but it seems like Song Position Pointer isn’t currently part of the Digi range

Ah that is a pity… bit of a strange oversight really, thought it would be a pretty obvious inclusion with song mode, especially since the analogs and octatrack have it.

ah man, that’s not good news. I haven’t updated yet but I was hoping to sync song modes with my Syntakt and my Digitone. Has anyone tried two Digi’s this way?