Song mode tempo bug?

Hey folks,
Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong or misunderstanding how song mode works.
Whenever I enter song mode, my tempo switches to 120, both in the song menu and across my banks. It seems like it’s jumping to a global tempo.

Depending on how you start the song (I don’t believe Make Song From Chain does it?), the song has a default tempo, which you can change in the tempo column of Song Edit—when you enter the tempo column menu with Yes, I believe, there’s an option to give all patterns in the song the same tempo.

Hi Humanprogram and thanks for the info.
On my unit, as soon as I enter song mode (SONG MODE > SWITCH ON > YES)
The tempo jumps to 120 on the track. Even if I turn song mode off, the track keeps the 120 tempo.

Does changing the tempo in the song to the desired tempo work? I think it stores a separate tempo for each row of a song, separate from pattern tempos, in case you’re adjusting things to go together in a playlist.

Re coming out of song mode, are you sure the Global Tempo option (a Func yes Press) isn’t set in the normal Tempo menu?