Sonicware Liven XFM


!!! Awesome!!!

Going to be siiiiick… don’t need another FM thing really… but here I go to pre-order! Love Sonicware gear.


I haven’t figured out 1/10th of my Warps yet! They need to slow down :upside_down_face:

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More info here. Nice that they apparently let you edit the 4op synth in a more traditional way, in addition to their morphing engines. Real midi ports is also great.


From their website:

Three Fusion FM Engines​

Merge two FM sounds with a single knob to create a completely new sound.
Transform one FM sound into another over a specific period of time.
Continuously transform between two FM sounds using an LFO.

Two approaches to FM sound design​

Intuitive and Quick

Merge and sculpt FM sounds with a single, intuitive, knob turn.
The X-Lab engine merges two FM sounds by smoothly blending their envelopes, modulation routing, and feedback.
The X-Lab algorithm can merge sounds with radically different FM structures and overtones, all without losing the fundamental tuning of the sound. Pitch locking can also be turned off to create brilliant atonal transitions between FM sounds.
Merged sound can then be saved, recalled, and merged with additional FM sounds.
We call this merging process FUSION FM.

Logical and Deep

For those who want to dive into the FM Engine, the EDIT mode and included overlay provide full access to the innovative 4-OP XFM engine.
15 knobs and 30 buttons provide quick and intuitive access to all FM parameters.
Explore FM synthesis without the conventional menu diving and head scratching.

Sounds interesting, huh?

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Best part is when the gentleman has a cameo as Goku half way through the advert!

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I pre-ordered (and got the funky case) so now I am just waiting for shipping…

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hmm, Sonicware added a few short vids about Liven XFM on their chanel — it sounds totally MEH there, and stock presets seems to be cheezy AF.

however, vids on ChrisLody channel (the above one and two more) sound nice.

overall impression: not sure if it’s worth buying…

Was about to grab a Digitone but I’m waiting for more news about the LIVEN XFM, there are fun additional effects, some interesting morph functions and most importantly it seems (TBC) that it’s possible to PLock effects and Arp, unlike the DN.

I’ve got a Digitone and a Model: Cycles, but I can’t wait to start playing with this thing too!
I really want to see what kind of weird stuff you can do it with the morphing aspect of it. Looks to be really immediate to use.
Seems like you could come up with a patch that you really like, and then mix it with other patches indefinitely. You can probably get into some wild territory really quickly with it.

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I’ve had this for almost a month now, but while waiting on it to arrive I sold my Digitone to afford the MC-707 and I got pretty wrapped up in that crazy machine. I’ve been playing with it on lunch breaks at work, but I’m finally getting into really spending time with it.

I know the recording quality isn’t that great, but I figured I would share since I was out practicing with it. I’ll be doing cleaner stuff with it in the future soon.


Drone music…
I think I get it now. Just got to be in the right mood when listening to it.

This is just one track holding a chord. Lots of slow modulation on the filter and a little on the pitch. All through the phaser.


I haven’t seen that much talk about this machine compared to, for example, the Digitone. Is there something that the Liven XFM lacks that DN has? Can you create the same type of sounds?

I just bought and am waiting for delivery. very interesting device but still a dark horse. hope for something interesting and intriguing.

I’ve been trying to find this out through the manual without any luck, but I assume that you can’t sequence midi cc out from the sequencer (only that midi cc is sent when you’re actually turning a knob). Correct?

Okay, I heard someone say that you can sent midi out on every track and that even parameter locks of some of the knobs effectively will be midi cc parameter locks. If this is true, it would be massive. Can anyone who owns the device confirm or deny this?

Yeah, it does. I only made a quick check of it but I was able to send p-locked CCs from recorded knob values no problem.

Midi implementation chart is here:

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