Sorry.... sample import from computer

This is definitely happening via MIDI; it’s a proprietary sysex-based protocol instead of MIDI Sample Dump Standard - haven’t investigated further yet. DT USB MIDI is way faster than Rytm due to USB 2.


This seems like the right forum to ask this. From what i’ve read it seems like RYTM Sound packs, the audio part, might be used with the Digitakt. They are both 16 bit 48khz mono audio, and the RYTM FAQ says:
Are your RYTM sound packs compatible with only your hardware or can I use them with hardware/software from other manufacturers? – Our samples are standard WAV files and can be used by any hard/software that have the possibliity of playing back 16 bit 48khz mono audio (Rytm sound packs).

And also from the Digitakt manual (pg 53 bottom):
The Digitakt still supports receiving of samples via MIDI Sample Dump Standard (SDS) and Extended SDS. The Elektron C6 software supports this transfer protocol. You need to enable SDS Handshake in order to secure the transmission over fast interfaces like USB MIDI. You also have to enable the transmission of the Extended SDS header if you want the sample name to be sent to the Digitakt (if not, the samples will simply be named 1, 2, 3 … and so on in the destination directory of the Digitakt).

I don’t have my Delirium Tremens yet, but it’s on order. Has anyone done this? Can this be done?

Done what? Transfered samples?

Yes - both with the Transfer app and C6. Works as described.

>> From what i’ve read it seems like RYTM Sound packs, the audio part, might be used with the Digitakt. … Has anyone tried this?

Good videos BTW CarlMikaelBjork.

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Thank you very much! :smile_cat: :heart_eyes:

Oh. No. Not yet. (Don’t have any sound packs). But seeing as the “audio part” is only samples, I guess they could be used. Don’t know how soundpacks are distributed - if they’re all sysex, there might be some parts that are not compatible.

Rytm packs usually have a sysex for kits and patterns and a folder with all the samples. Shouldn’t be a problem to send only the audio files, I do it with my OP-1 and MPC all the time!

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The new blood sample pack doesn’t have any samples, only a sysex file

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yea Im checking most of the free ones and they are just purely sysex files.

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Rytm packs are quite expensive if you’re only after harvesting the samples for use in the Digitakt or other gear.

Buying Goldbaby ( libraries gives you WAY more samples for your money. Converting to 16bit 48kHz mono is something that the new transfer application helps you with so no worries there.


Lars! thank you so much for that!!