Sorry.... sample import from computer

So I installed transfer
read the manual (but didn’t spend more than half a hour on it)

I understand the digitakt pretty well, It is similar to other boxes…


I have to select the transfer compatible device…
and i cannot select anything

(i also can’t find my digitakt soundcard… maybe it has something to do with this)
and I want to imoport a lot of AMEN…

I hope someone forgives me my noobness, and would like to help me…

In the Transfer two drop-down menus, select Digitakt USB (don’t remember what it says exactly) for both in and out.

Transfer will suggest a destination folder named “060117transfer” or something similar. Then it’s just drag and drop.

I don’t think the DT works as a soundcard yet. Since we don’t have a new Overbridge version. So that explains that.



but my dropdown menus don’t work
nothing appears…:frowning:

what computer OS are you on?
do you see the Digitakt as MIDI device in your DAW/other software?

computer os

What Carl said and double check your firmware version (Digitakt OS 1.01)

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Just to make sure… Are you connected via USB? Hub? No hub (that often seems to be problem)?

A question to you guys… Is it still turbo midi sysex transfer? Or is it faster? (Turbo Midi 0.037mb/sec was a pain with the Rytm for me, 1 megabyte took about 25 seconds.)

direct with usb
(only adapter for USB C (since I have the newest macbookpro)

if you open /Applications/Utilities/Audio MiDI
then in the menu, Window > Show MIDI Studio, do you see your Digitakt there?

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Hmmm… These are things I don’t understand or know, but wonder if that could be an issue.

@Ess - you are a technical wiz! :heart_eyes_cat: Do you know if USB C w/ adaptor could be an issue?

just checked… yes, I see digitakt there…

with my rytm and A4 this was never a problem…

and in the Transfer app, do you see any other MIDI devices, e.g. your Rytm? Or do the device selection menus simply not show anything?

don;'t know why
but now it suddenly appears…

just clicked around in midi setup



got it

thank you all

when drag n drop it to the Transfer device…
it works very well

once I started my electronic music ‘career’ with Drum And Bass (jungle)
since one year I live in the city I come from
my jungle friends are still active (tomorrow we will see our city mate Icicle live in Doornroosje )
this machine makes me wanna make jungle again
just worked on it yesterday and today, all toghether 1 hour
it is amazing!!! I made baselines, resampled them, beats, vocals…
I have the feeling I can do everything with it I want to…

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most instant elektron experience ever!


I :heartpulse: D&B

Well the app measures the speeds in MiBs which is different than MB or Mbits. The max I saw was about 0.25MiBs for samples.

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