Sort Marketplace listings by country


It would be convenient to be able to sort market place buying/selling/trading listings by country for when they are only available in that particular country. By starting the title with UK, US etc sorting would be possible?

Just an idea…


Well this is typically how it is already done, although recently a few users have been forgetting to specify their locations. If you take a look in the buy/sell/trade histories you’ll see it’s very common for titles like “FS-US- etc,etc.”

Yes, I guess what I meant is it should be easy to implement a ‘sort by country’ button using this prefix.

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Ahh! Yes that would definitely be helpful. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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Having been exploring the Marketplace a lot recently, doing this via tags or some other form would be super helpful. Adding the prefix to a post isn’t really foolproof since everyone does it slightly differently, and searching “US” or “EU” isn’t allowed in the search (too few characters). I don’t know if we need a separate category for North American vs EU or something, but a tagging system or modifier of some sort would be very very helpful.