Sorted: No need for microfreak samples now: Just ordered one

Odd request I know but…

I’m now down to a Samples and a Cycles and I’m looking for something to get me interesting sounds that I can then use in the Samples as Leads. If anyone has a Microfreak would you have any snippets of wild audio that you could send me so that I can see what I can do with it to make some lead sounds. I’ve had some fun doing this with Cycles but the Microfreak can maybe get me there quicker.

I know I could do this with any synth or iOS but the sound of microfreak has me intrigued for the low cost.

Many thanks.

given that the Microfreak uses Mutable Instruments code for some of the oscillator models, you could get similar sounds using the “macro oscillator 2” module in VCV Rack, which is free…


Actually, should have thought of this first: I can just record some audio from the preset videos on youtube!

But if someone does have a snippet of wild audio and wants to sling it my way I’d be most grateful.

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I d pay a dozen bucks for a proper microfreak pack for sure.

I dont want to end up buying it out of frustration just to sample it :slight_smile:

Not leads, but here’s a free pack MF drums

Sweet! thanks for that, will definitely grab those and look around that site. I’ve been using the same minimal house samples from a 2008 Vengeance CD and to say I’m sick of them is an understatement.

You can also sample the demos from the free sample packs available at:

(click on the “i” when hovering over the images to get to the demos)

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You could buy this patch pack and take the 9 minute demo they made from the included patches.

Also this one is free, but for the OP-1
Could easily be converted:

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I thought there was something a bit odd when I visited the website… on my ancient iPad I cant get to the demos. Just grabbed them from my pc - just what I needed to help me make a decision. :+1:

Get one, this track is 90% Microfreak, apart from snare and 2 more hits, it’s so versatile…

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Ive been using the mikrofreak with the ot this week. And its a good combo. But you can really just use vcv rack. Its free and you can make your own patches. With the other modules as well. There’s an endless supply

Well, I’ve caved. Too good an offer on the microfreak to pass up.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m reluctant to even try VCV Rack as I know what it will lead to in the medium term.

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The MF manual also includes a tutorial on controlling Vc Rack…