Sound design contest for Wikipedia

Wikipedia is launching a sound design contest: try to synthesize The Sound of All Human Knowledge before October 10th.


That’s a heavy concept, but it should be fun!

Cool concept! Now I just need to work out how to accurately synthesize the sound of a hand eternally slapping a forehead



Wikipedia is sitting on hundreds of millions and they can’t afford to hire a professional for their sound logo? Ok


Interesting read, thanks.

I was giving them a free pass simply because it’s such an interesting brief… but yea, pay your creatives!

No!Spec :fist:

It seems they’re after the sound to create the logo with though, rather than comissioning the logo itself - it’s a curious one!

Who are the judges? Are they paid?

Im such a cynic.

So I only just read it properly - they seem to be after a jingle!

This changes everything…

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According to the FAQ the winner gets $2500 and a trip to a recording studio.

The winner will receive a prize of $2,500 USD and a trip to the recording studio to re-record the sound logo with the assistance of MassiveMusic. Ten finalist candidates will receive limited edition sound logo swag.

You’re allowed to submit multiple entries. I can’t find information on how it’s judged. There are some examples and more information on this page.

Personally I don’t like the antics of the Wiki foundation so I’ll pass but thats personal.


Hey that’s something at least!

And to be fair this isn’t at all aimed at professionals, it seems more like a fun way to involve the community in an idea that the professionals have already conceptualised to a large degree.

That said, dollars to donuts the winner will be Hans Zimmer in a fake beard.