Sound Design Workflow Question: How to save individual Trig Sounds or COPY trig sound to whole track to enable saving

Hi everyone,

Just got A4MKII this week and am absolutely loving it! Pairs excellently with P6 and Sub 37.

Other than getting into the Elektron way of sequencing I pulled the trigger on the A4MKII because of the clarity, & generosity/thoughtfulness demonstrated by this forum’s members (a lot of other gear forums would be better if they took the same approach).

With this in mind I have a quick question regarding sound design (apologies in advance if the answer is obvious / in the manual and it just hasn’t ‘clicked’ yet).

QUESTION: If I assign a ‘Lead’ sound to [TRACK 1], then tweak the sound to become a ‘Kick’ sound on [TRIG 3] of [TRACK 1] is there a way to a) save just the [TRIG 3] ‘Kick’ sound to the +Drive or Sound Pool, OR b) is there a way to copy the [TRACK 1, TRIG 3] ‘Kick’ sound to [TRACK 2] so that I can save it in the same way that a normal track sound would be saved?

If either of the above is not possible is the best approach to therefore design all sounds for a song first on seperate tracks, save individual track sounds (into +drive/ sound pool), clear everything and then create the song (allowing for use of new sounds on both tracks AND individual trigs). I mainly ask as I’m interested in finding out the most efficient way to program a custom collection of one hit sounds like drums / prec.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m 99% sure there isn’t a fast way copy a sound with a trig’s parameter locks applied into its own new sound, no. You can copy the trig with its params and all by holding it + Rec and apply to other trigs within the same track. Interestingly, you can copy it to other tracks as well but the param locks will apply to that track’s base sound.

So if your wanting to sprinkle quick and dirty kicks you created with parameter locks throughout a pattern, I’d say copying the trig is the way to go. But if you are wanting to use that same kick patch in other kits, design it as its own sound and save it, and sound lock to your hearts content.


Thanks for the insight - your response confirms what I thought and is very helpful as a new user!

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