Sound locks:performance, editing


Couldn’t find the answer in manual or in other threads, so have to ask this way instead( maybe i was looking not long enough?if yes, sorry):

So, if i lock some sounds on steps, and then want to affect them using the macro controls in the performance mode, or just edit one of the sounds to fit better with others, how do i access it? I’ve tried just to go to different synth pages to see what will happen, but it doesn’t seem to control anything but default track sound directly. Is there a way actually?
What if i want to set up a macro to let’s say change the volume of some particular sound locks at the same time, i can’t do it neither??

If all what A4 can do with locked sounds is to play them back then it is very boring, static feature, but i guess there are ways…

What if i hold the trigger with locked sound on in while editing the parameters, it won’t affect the other steps, right?That’s the only way i could think of…I guess if i save the sound THEN it gonna affect the others, but this is to very straight forward…can i even save locked sound?

And yes, performance knobs just HAVE to affect the locked sounds, but if say true i didn’t even try to figure out it myself, have A4 only for few days. Any advice would be great)


you want to save a p-lock sound while in the middle of a performance?

Otherwise you can recreate it and save it as a new sound, create 2 tracks with the same patterns/kit but different default track sound and juggle between them with the performance mode page open, p-locking the sounds/parameters you don’t want the performance page to change on each track.

Hope this helps, let me know how it works out. I have a couple more ideas but I will try them first before posting another suggestion.

No, not necessary in the middle of performance, i just want to be able to edit it while working on a track. And i think i’ve used the wrong term, so it is confusing, i didn’t mean P-LOCKED sound, like in just a step with some p-locks on it, but sound, which is SOUND-LOCKED, like in locking some sound from sound pool to the particular step/steps.
The case scenario is this: i uzi midi multi-map to play let’s say few percussion sounds on the same track, make a rhythmical pattern with them. Then i realise that one of the sounds has a slightly wrong pitch, plus i’d like to change some other parameters of it so it fits better with other sounds in the same track. How do i approach this? For now i can see only P-LOCKING those parameters on one step, then copying the step and pasting it all over the other steps with the same SOUND-LOCK.
But this can be problematic because i might have 64 step pattern, and lots of sound-locks on it, with different sounds. Can i save the modified SOUND-LOCK into sound in the sound pool somehow?
Second one is about performance mode: If i assign let’s say filter cut-off to the performance knob, will it affect the parameter of only one, default sound of the track, or will it act more like a TRACK filter cut-off? I’d like to have both options actually, because in some cases i need to treat all the sounds in a track like one complex sound, and sometimes i use track to merge few sequences together and want to be able to control them separately, like mute or fade out let’s say kick drum while keeping the low tom playing.

nope, you can’t directly save sounds with their p-locks applied. no matter if they are track sounds or sound-locks.

also nope to your 2nd question… performance macros modulate the entire track uniformly.

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What do you mean by ‘uniformly’? Does it mean that both locked sounds(like in sound locks), steps with p-locks and main track sound will be affected?

yeah, exactly…

well… would be pretty cool if you could go to any step in your pattern and save the sound in this step as is… if you have an iPad you’ll be able to do this soon :wink:

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Have you tried Trig Mutes?
You can apply some on the sound you want to mute then bringing it back.

Have you tried Trig Mutes?
You can apply some on the sound you want to mute then bringing it back.
yes, but i can’t put trig mutes on lets say 16 steps of 64 and then activate and deactivate them all at the same time or? What i want to do is get over the track limitation and use one track as two or more by placing different sequences of different sounds on the same track, but still control every sequence independently…otherwise, i can’t see the benefit of having sound locks rather then sound design of course. It feels like you’re playing a loop rather then multi-voice synth this way. If i could use macros at least to control the parameters of particular steps or if steps could be grouped into control destination by the sound they use…

Don’t know what to say…only: use two tracks!

You still have other two to be in use.

Soundlock is a great and unique feature to me, it can be helped somehow (like showing inverted value instead of the Track default sound parameters) to make Soundlocks editing easier.

And also Trig Mutes grouping would be nice.

One question (because i believe i haven’t tried this with awareness):

Does a Macro change work on Soundlocks? (i mean, at least, an offset)

Or are they transparent?

macros also affect sound-locks!

i think it can be broken down like this:

  • first, a trig occurs:
    is it a sound lock?
    if so, use sound from the pool, otherwise use the track sound.

  • 2nd, apply parameter locks to that sound

  • 3rd, apply macros to that sound

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yeah, i can use two tracks, but then what’s the point of having sound locks? except if u don’t mind that all ur different sounds are treated like a one stream…which is OK when u composing, but really limiting when u r performing.

At least you have options…

Come on, i would not be “sad” too much about “limited” actions available on soundlocks.
Even because the AnalogFour is a 4 tracks synth…not an 8 tracks…even if it gets you closer to that , but with few limitations…

Just for curiosity: which other synth lets you get the equivalent of soundlock?


Thanks void for your answer!

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More advanced MIDI sequencers let you send program changes at any time even during track playback. So any synth that allows for fast enough patch changes allows to use its single voice in a “soundlock” fashion.
Nick from Sonicstate does exactly that in his Basstation 2 demo (skip to 15:50):

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Hi snowcrash,i was asking for a all-in-a-box synth.

Combining machines -of course- could brings more than using only one…

And i am pretty satisfied by A4

yeah, only i don’t think it is an option really, not for me anyway. If i can’t combine few elements of the track(like in music track) in one track of A4 and then treat them independently, i’m getting music playback machine, not a performance machine…
There’s still macros of course, but they also don’t help much in terms of mixing stuff in realtime, since they affect all the sounds of the track…

It is more irritating then sad, every of potentially great machines has some kind of stupid limitations, feel like the coolest features are underdeveloped…or left out in order to make people buy more of their boxes to compensate.

Radikal Technologies Spectralis. :alien:

I like it a lot--------but never thought to have one…
But, if i listen to videos…i want one!

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Can anybody confirm it is impossible to randomize Sound Locks ?
Is Multi Map the only way to randomize Sounds ?

Randomize how?

I mean…you can put trigs and turning the Track Level knob randomly is a way of doing it.

Otherwise I find Multimap more satisfactory