Sound locks

Hey! Is there any way to use sound locks in live recording?
I know how to place different sounds from sound pool to trig buttons.
But can i first place a different sounds on keyboard keys, then use it for live playing and recording?
Drums exactly?

Midi Map function?

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You can also record Multimapped from an external controller.


Thanks, i not reach this manual page yet)

Its done.
But with limitations, for example if i make map for drums, I can’t use snare and hihat in same note.
There is place for digitakt i guess.)

I’m not sure about DN, but with RYTM & A4; you can live-record the currently highlighted sound while you’re viewing it in the sound pool. This only works for sounds that are already loaded into the sound pool. That’s a newer feature that was added…

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Yep you can do this on digitone. Always do it

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Done) just changed “snd slot note inc” to nor 0.
I believe have last question, my multimap sounds little different between trk1 and trk2/trk3/trk4 “track” setting in multimap.
Trk1 sounds like it has some effect added.
But all track contain the same initial sound.
If i record some plays with same multimap on track 1 2 3 4, only record on track 1 sounds again with paranormal “effect”.

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