Sound locks?

Hey is it just me or do sound locks not work on Syntakt? I place a trig, hold down the trig, turn the knob to select a sound and while still holding the trig I press yes. (At least thats what everyone seems to be doing in their videos) This doesn’t work for me. Am I missing something?

The manual describes the correct sound lock procedure. You don’t press the YES button, just release the trig.


The yes button will preview the sound while you’re browsing the sound pool but yeah, you just let go of the trig.


It will not lock the sound not by just releasing (as i know it from all other elektron machines) or by pressing yes as i’ve seen people do in videos.

Are you following the full procedure laid out in the manual? Are you locking sounds to the right track types (digital/digital, analog/analog, etc)? Does the behaviour persist in other patterns, other banks, other projects?

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I’ve been using elektron devices since the SiD Station… believe me… I know when something is not working. And I know how sound locks work on all my other devices. It’s not working in the same way as I am used to it working. That’s why I am asking. Are you also wearing an RTFM tshirt? :wink:

Oh I actually thought it will only show me the sounds that actually work for that track… I will check this. Thanks for the hint.

I have a lot of issues with the sound pool and p-locking. I have to be really careful what sound I load into what track, because it screws it all up. Maybe it’s an issue like that?

Yes thats actually it! It is displaying a lot of analogue sounds at the top of the list and I was on a digital track. Unfortunately there is no indicator next to the displayed sound to show what type of engine it is.

This is a big UI/UX issue imo. You get a warning when you try to load a digital sound onto one of the analog tracks but nothing if you try to sound lock it. Filtering and sorting with the manager leaves a lot to be desired too - they should update it to have separate sound pools for each track type but for now you should just make it so that analog and digital sounds are stored in their own banks, in different parts of the sound pool, etc. If you’re still not sure you can use YES in this instance to trigger the locked step - if it sounds the same as the default track sound it’s not compatible.


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