[Sound Pack Analog Rytm] (MK1 compatible)

Hi everyone,

I’m Techno Producer from Germany and I made my first Preset Pack for the Rytm.
The Sounds focused on Hard- and Driven Techno, but also usable for Minimal, Berlin Dub or Tech-House Productions.
The Pack Contains 124 Presets and can be found on https://gum.co/ERTPbMB

Some Demos:

Feel free to write me your Feedback! Or if you have any questions or suggestions, I’m here. I would be happy to hear from you.


That fill/dribbly delay thing at 1:04 on demo 3 is siiiick!

Sounds great. Haven’t loaded sound packs yet but will get this when I do

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I am always working to improve my products and so you’ll get a Bonus Project with 4 new Patterns inside, ready to perform. Scences, Performance and Fills prepared to instantly dive into it.

Very nice! Are you part of the “Brand Brauer Frick” trio, if i may ask?

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No, I like them very much but I’m not a Part of them.

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I’ve made my first Rytm Template, more Infos here:

I made a little Tutorial for Techno Kicks with the Rytm: