Sound packs

hi all

i have a hard time searching the forum because the search results are messed up…

i just copied sounds through c6 into my A4 …

q1: do I have to send the .DS_Strore file?

(I did in the end but A4 didnt respond)

q2: i sent each file individually, can I mark all and send them=? didnt work on my win7 64 bit through usb, got the new OS on the A4

q3: where do I find the uploaded sounds… my A4 said Sound 25, sound 26 received… but where is it?

is it in a subfolder?

q4) i used the search function in the sound browser to locate the sent sound file, but it didnt show up :frowning:

q4: i am planning on sending the other sound file packs… am I doing it right?

link to a forum post is apreciated, and any other comment or advice… thanks in advance …

.DS_store files are osx specific files !!

If you have bought any of the Sound bank it comes with the pdf instructions, how to upload sounds e.t.c
For the where sounds are, on my A4Mk2 they are where you specified them to be uploaded and you can select them from A-P banks on your sequencer.

check manual:

good luck