Sound Pool Full?

I understand (I think) how sounds are stored in the A4 and I know how to get to both. I am working on a percussion track and I want to be able do a “sound per trig” thing to get a snare and kick on the same track. To do this, I have to move the two sounds to my sound pool. Correct? So when I attempt to do that, I get a “sound pool full zero sounds moved” message. My sound pool, is not full. There are perhaps only 42 sounds in it.

not doubting what you’re seeing, but dbl-check those ‘free’ slots aren’t place-holder ‘blank’ sounds - and try deleting the last few in case they are

i tend to backup my working pool to a +drive bank and clear the pool and repopulate it with more sounds to taste

i think i know this issue. maybe it is a problem of the new os-update. you have to delete your “empty” soundpoolslots. at this time your “empty” slots are marked with “----”. so you have to delete them before you can overwrite them because the system thinks they are not empty. When you delete the slots they will be named as “//////” instead of “----”


Makes sense, I will try that. Now, I know that I do not see Sound Pool sounds in the +Drive list. So first I will transfer them all to the +Drive, yes? And then I will move the ones that I want back. However, this is my “first project” so the Sound Pool is populated by pre 1.1 sounds. Will moving the SP sounds to the +Drive, and clearing the SP screw up any of my transferred kits or patterns? Will I have to move all of those sounds back to the SP?

This confused me at first. It’s quick enough to delete those initialised sounds though in sound manager. You just tick each one you want to delete then choose delete in the next menu.

I saw this as well and, thankfully found this thread explaining the problem.

What is the purpose of needing to delete the empty slots though?
This doesn’t seem to make sense especially when I have never even filled them up myself. They we that way from the factory.