Sound pool missing from sysex export

hello everyone, i have a question, i made my latest release using the digitone and included the sysex project file with the download. i have test-imported it to my machine and everything seemed to work fine, however someone now wrote me that the soundpool is missing when imported to the DN which is a problem cause i did a lot of sound locking. anyone has any idea how to debug? / how to solve this?

Have you selected option “PROJECT” for the sysex send and has the other person selected option “ANYTHING” for sysex receive?

Are you both using the same OS version?


@tnussb i exported the active project and the size is about 3mb, it works fine if i import it to my machine again but im not sure this is a proper way to debug, may i ask (given that you own a DN) if i send you the syx file could you maybe test?

Open a new project and receive the sysex should be the proper way, yes.

Sorrily I can’t test it, because I don’t own a DN yet (I can’t decide since years), but I’m sure there is someone else around who is willing to help.


@tnussb ok i see, thanks anyways and if it helps deciding the DN is my desert island synth
if anyone else reads this and could test i will appriciate very much

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I’m well aware of its qualities since it got introduced (and your videos add to it, of course), but I have simply too less time to appreciate the boxes I already have (like the A4 and OT). Piling up more of them doesn’t feel right.

(pushing this thread a little bit by commenting :wink: )

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very valid point.

Not able to test your project, but starting from a fresh project and locking a few pool sounds it works perfectly for me when reloading to a fresh project - that is with C6 having exported a project (active project) and loaded into Any as discussed

The DN advises how many sounds it has loaded and it was correct and played correctly

I apologise for the indiscretion as it may not be supported on current versions of Transfer, but it also works seamlessly with the test version of Transfer and may roll out in the future if robust - it uses a different way to package the project (not sysex)

So my advice would be to test your methodology for saving the project and double check by loading into a saved test project with some other sounds in the pool - then document the steps to those downloading your file - it works with C6 which means it should work fine with Sysex Librarian or similar on PC


thanks @avantronica , starting from an empty project and sending the full project to my DN using both c6 / transfer is working flawlessly . if this is considered a safe way to debug i could only pin it down to OS differences (if there are any)

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got it figured out, indeed it seem to work when the user chooses to “receive any” manually as @tnussb suggested (altho in my case also just dropping the file to transfer worked)