Soundcloud is dying

Investors decide today whether the plug is out of Soundcloud
Shareholders asked to invest 170 million more
6 hours ago, by editors 3for12
Soundcloud does not work well. The company has been in vain for years to become profitable, yet another 40% of its staff had to be dismissed a month ago and seems to be on the threshold again today.

News site Axios reports a leaked memo, inviting investors to invest another $ 170 million in the streaming service. The reserves would be dried up and the money needed to pay off debts and keep the company operational. If the investors do not drive it, it could mean that Soundcloud finally topples and all previous investments in smoke go on.

Soundcloud became known and successful as a free music service, which includes many DJ sets. But by copyright claims, that open model came under pressure. For that reason, Soundcloud attempted to make a transition to a paid service, but that tranformation does not seem to hit the users. Rather, it was reported that Spotify giant Spotify wanted to take over their distressing competitor, but Sweden finally saw it.


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Soundcloud got 169 million, your data is old =)


I am 3 months ahead

They hired the CEO of Vimeo. He’ll fix it, no panic.

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Wouldn’t be the worst thing- for me, anyway- I can’t piece together albums anymore because I can’t control myself but to share track after track.

I hadn’t released an album of unheard music since 2011 and it’s been SoundCloud since then.

I’m fine with whatever happens

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Haven’t listened to SoundCloud in ages. Always on YouTube, Spotify and Bandcamp. SoundCloud became a ‘preview tracks’ place, which I found boring.


I used to place my music on Soundcloud
tried a youtube video
and I am amazed by the views and interaction

quitted my sonndcloud a few months ago,
I wanted to show someone a track
but we had to listen to a commercial

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some us are old enough to remember napster, gamespy, etc.

save your fucking data, folks - its digital world rule #01


Save your sessions period. Storage is cheap nowadays. Your ideas are priceless

Traffic take time. There’s no proper and reliable Traffic as a service you can buy, there’s always drawbacks and issues coming with a non targeted audience to match exactly what you doing. Instead, the best is to invest yourself to created it on the long term with a lot of small to medium budgeted actions.

Nowadays i think there’s two ways and both are hard to embrace :
1/ to “sell ​​his music directly to the listener without intermediaries” on your own built network/fans and you maximise how much you think your music as a VALUE and it will take times to get something literally.
2/ You embrace the “Music is somehow practically free” But you grow and capitalize on your “Name” as something to Sale and the more Your Name is bankable the more you get money on Live Act (Live performance, Djing Performance or “Whatever you can do Live”

Maybe it can change at some point (in the future) the underground music business model (if it existing today anymore…) but i guess dematerialization is the results of that (and few things on top of that)

The popular music model as also evolved that way so … But less pain, due to the amount of people reached with the classic way of doing it. As it’s everywhere, the more people are somehow forced to like and buy it. Other people choose what they eat and for the best people they pay streaming for the other one It is the bulimia of computer hacking and direct download (and to change that Only internet operators by selling their customers to the states on abnormal monthly amount of download there’s no other way to stop or reduce that)

(but there’s also good music inside popular and shit in underground, popular and underground are no quality measurement word)


Personally hope it dies. There’re so many bandname ideas that I’ve had to desert due to squatters on SC.


soundcloud was great while the groups were around. i got a lot of exposure through them and met some cool people. once that got axed (still don’t know why) it started to seem like artists that weren’t so indie (lil wayne…although maybe he is indie idk) kept showing up on my home page, and other “we pay more than you do” artists. At that point I moved over to bandcamp for distributing music and merch, then the typical youtube, IG and facebook for social interaction.

I’m not wishing ill for soundcloud but it did kind of seem like they weren’t listening to the community that built their popularity, but most establishments end up only caring about the people that pay their mortgages.


I like SC a lot, even pay the subscription to support. I really hope that it doesn’t die. But the first thing they should fix is the horrendous ios app, it’s so bad it hurts.


Huh, great! Hopefully they’ll get it profitable.

I use soundcloud quite alot for discovering new music. This is the sole reason I hope it stays around. Not into their business model nor the sound quality tho. Also, I wish people would stop repost spamming in hopes of more plays…


Besides the momentary upheaval, coding wise, of something else becoming the standard. Who cares?

I never found SoundCloud rewarding as a community-based service and apparently what it did have in that regard died with the deletion of groups. As an artist tool I never found it useful for anything but a free place place to store streamable music that worked acorss most platforms.

You mean how you click on a link and it always goes to the damn App Store?!

First of all they need to remove those spam bots and make something like previous groups with more tagging and filtering options.

When I post long hardware set and use #techno #minimal and #liveset tags, my music is mixed with gasilions of djsets and short techno clips. Completely unusable.


Personally for me, its good that Soundcloud dies.

Groups for me were mostly beatmakers leaving a comment like “dope” and leaving a link to their crappy music, no artistical feedback what so ever. And they don’t even check the music, they’ll randomly listen to 10 seconds and think they’ve defined you. I did a beat challenge and my mission was to try to make Techno, so I submitted to soundcloud for streaming. I do not do Techno, I’m Hip Hop blooded so that was the challenge. One dude just commented on a few Hip Hop Beat s (!!!) “Nice Techno check my stuff; link.” It was ridiculous already with groups.

Also, Soundcloud used to ban my tracks, meanwhile dudes rapping about their schlongs get 10,000 listens and gold membership.

Like my man Doc Ock said, Die Soundcloud, Die!:grin: