Soundpack: (d)Tones [More Demos!]

Hey, y’all:
You may have seen the email, tweet, or IG post about my new Digitone soundpack, (d)Tones.
128 sounds ranging from ambience, drones, textures to weird basses, nasty percussion, and even some standards.

Anyway, there are some demos on the main site, but I’ve uploaded a bunch more, here:

These demos/tracks/loops are mostly-stock sounds, right from the soundpack, though some were molded and formed to create new things. In any event, it gives you a great idea of what you get when you download the pack. Heck, even if you don’t have a Digitone, these are pretty nice to listen to, anyway :wink:)

Have fun with it! Digitone soundpack #2 is already in progress…



Oh man… Loving the soundpack… and these demos are super!
edge_d is amazing. :fire::loopy:

This is the best, most interesting thing that I’ve heard from the DN.

If I still had it I would purchase this in a heartbeat. There’s a lot to learn in these patches!

Great job!

BTW: that last demo is very moving

Nice work as always.
Ayytonal sounds very Trent Reznor soundtrack like

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