Sounds on Tracks / +Drive...WTF?!

So, I have an Analog Keys now (what a revelation i’ve had!). Somehow after owning the Analog Rytm and not completely wrapping my head around the workflow for about 9 months, I now understand how it works (for the most part).

Going back to the Rytm I now feel confused as f**k. What is straightforward and easy on the Keys, is complicated on the Rytm and is what had confused me about the workflow (+Drive vs. Sound Pool).

For any track besides kick and snare, how the shit do I choose a sound from the +Drive? Why is there nothing there? Am I completely losing it?

Shouldn’t I be able to choose ‘RS 3’ and then ‘Sound’ ([Function] + [Mute]) and choose a new Rim Shot sound?

The Keys is so straightforward. Everything is tagged with descriptions. If I want a bass I go to +Drive and filter by bass sounds. Easy.

Why the f**k is the Rytm not set up like this?

Lastly, how can i just load all sounds from all the sound packs I’ve purchased to the +Drive, as opposed to having to load a new project and then loading kits and kits and kits. Am i medically lacking something?

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Rytm manual


Hey there. I don’t own an AK but I’ve had the Analog Rytm for a few weeks and although I do wish the file architecture would be more integrated. It does (kind of) makes sense after using it for a while.

As far as your workflow to load sounds yes - after pressing FUNCTION+MUTE it should take you to the Sound menu. You need to choose either “Sound Browser” or “Sound Manager”. The browser can only show you sounds that the currently selected Pad can load.
This is why I like using the Manager instead. It not only showing you ALL the sounds but it also showing you and allows you to edit tags etc.

If you are not seeing anything in the sound browser or Manager, one possible reason is that you are browsing the Pool and not the +Drive.

Check this by navigating left to the side menu.
It can be a little confusing.
If it says “View +Drive”…it actually means you are currently viewing the Pool. If there’s nothing in the pool you will see no sounds…

As far as you last question -
If you want to copy all sounds within a project to the +Drive there are 2 main methods. Both of which are available through teh “Sound Manager”:

Either send a Sysex Dump, or select all the sounds by using the right side menu “Select all” (make sure you are viewing the pool when you do that!!) and then choose “copy to”. You can then copy all sounds to the +Drive at once.

For the sake of clarity - the Rytm does use unique and sometimes confusing terminology.

The best way to remember it is to first fully understand the hierarchical relationship between file types and what they contain.

Especially the relationship between Samples, Sounds, Tracks, and Kits.

[li]A SAMPLE is an audio file loaded to a folder.[/li]
[li]Synth Engine+Sample+Parameter settings=SOUND[/li]
[li]SOUND+special Global settings, level etc. = TRACK[/li]

Some packs don’t have defined Sounds that they load to the Pool. And the Pool will always be empty.
The 808 Pack fro example, loads with an Empty pool. It wasn’t really out of laziness, but because the pack uses samples primarily. You can load samples to a project and they don’t need to be a part of the Project’s pool. This is because the Project’s pool contains SOUNDS. And SOUNDS are not just samples (see above).
It would have been redundant to create a Project Pool. It would practically duplicate the work. Samples can simply be loaded to a Project and be available through the samples parameters page.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


thanks for the step by step explanation.

i was kinda pulling my hair out earlier today with the whole saving structure of the AR. is my understanding correct that each kit also saves the sounds? or do you need to save the sounds individually?

A kit doesn’t ‘really’ saves any sounds.
It’s saving the location or ‘slots’ for sounds that it’s pulling from the Project.

Kits are really presets that you should only use within a loaded Project.
Saving Kits and loading them to a different project is not going to load any sounds or samples along with it. It’s just going to reference to sounds and samples at given slots. You will have to manually copy sounds and samples to the same slots as they were before for the kit to sound like it was. A worthless endeavor really.

Best thing to do is to make your kits and ten simply save the project. The kit will be part of it.


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so I guess copying and pasting your kits to other projects probably doesn’t work that well unless you also copy their sounds and samples too.

again, thanks for the heads up on this as i’ve only owned the AR a fee days now.

Thanks for this! Much appreciated! I’ve done the steps you’ve listed and see sounds in the +Drive. However, the only sounds which are listed are kicks and snares. There are no sounds for anything else.

Keeping in line with the Analog Keys, shouldn’t the +Drive hold all sounds (kicks and snares, in addition to rim shots, hats, toms, etc.)? Then you can choose from the +Drive for the kit / project and load to the sound pool?

In the AK, no matter what project I’m in, I can view the +Drive and find basses, leads, pads, perc, etc. and load them to that particular sound pool.

Why is it limited to just snares and kicks for the AR?

What? Sounds are a preset of the synth engine/sample engine…maybe there are just no rim shot presets by default…if you want a new rimshot sound, change the synth engine parameters of the rimshot or go to the Sample page and load an external rim sample (not sure the factory library ships with a rim sample, get your own)…

if I understand the architecture:

one is like your apples and bananas in the fridge, the other is like pictures of apples and bananas on your phone camera memory …

I kinda assume this wont help anybody… still I just had to post this :stuck_out_tongue:

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New user also. I believe by reading threads here, that the AR only ships with kick and snare samples hence the lack of others.

When you view the +Drive you should be able to see ALL sounds when using the Sound Manager.

Remember - Sounds and Samples are not the same. According to AR’s terminology and architecture, samples are just a part of what a ‘Sound’ is.

The AR comes with more samples than just for Kicks and Snares, and more sounds than just sounds for Kick and Snare.

Load your Preset project (the one that is protected) and you can browse the pool and see a lot more sounds.

I’m not sure why you can’t see sounds other than Snare and Kick…the only possible issues are either you are using the Sound Browser and not the Manager, you deleted sample folders, or you think you are viewing the +Drive and actually looking at the Pool.


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when I master this I will open up my own school on Elektron Machines’ confusion lol

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