Soundtracks recommendation (Films and Artists)

Anything by Thomas Newman, really. No one captures the beauty in melancholia quite like him, as far as scoring goes.


Usually I’d be all foam mouthed about a certain John Carpenter -soundtrack (or basically any of them), but last week I bought the Flying Lotus soundtrack for Netflix anime Yasuke and I’ve been listening to it A LOT.

If people ask me who will be remembered from the 2010-2020s as a groundbreaking musician and the sound of a generation, four times out of five my answer would be Flying Lotus. He’s the shit.


another i-forgot correction : this Passion album is also right up there, i’d probably give Birdy a shout, but it’s less consistent than this


this channel has loads on, some things i’d never dreamt of hearing but was so happy i did.

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Lost In Translation by Sofia Coppola is one of my favorite movies of all time, and that has a lot to do with the soundtrack.

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I mean @PeterHanes nailed it, that prior thread says it all IMO. My personal soundtrack BIG GUNS are the obvious ones:

Cliff Martinez
Ludwig Göransson
Johann Johannnnnnnnnnnnnson (I think I got all the "n"s)
Clint Mansel
Yes, Hans Zimmer
Max Richter
Mica Levi
Enio Morricone
atticus finch & trent reznor
Nicholas britell
Steven Price

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Something with a fair bit more electronics in it, it was a commercially released/projected film (first film i saw upon release in the Glasgow Film Theatre back in '86 before subsequently catching Laurie Anderson’s work many times), more a staged/finessed concert capture (like Stop Making Sense) but a great album in its own right

Uncomfortable that this is the film in its entirety, but there are even older ones on YT that haven’t been pulled by Warner Bros … I love her raw Prophet 5 tones and her Max Mathews ‘violin’ (the Max from Max/MSP) … a couple of pioneers along with Belew on Guitar

and for good measure …



Another Goblin classic


This has got to be my favorite soundtrack of all time.


A fantastic film score that gets very little recognition, probably because the movie is pretty awful, is The Crow: City of Angels.

Graeme Revell is credited, but a lot of the atmosphere was provided by Lustmord.

Somewhat tenuous (rearranged soundtrack) … disco-funk-Imperial-March … my Star Wars crazy cousin had this vinyl and really i loved it, took a bit of googling to find again

This Electric Youth score never made the movie due to creative differences with the film producers, I believe. They released it as an album anyway, and it’s pretty awesome!

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oh that one’s easy!
Disasterpeace’s OST for Hyperlight Drifter game

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