Source for Samples + Hi-Hat behaviour

While I like the 808 sample pack from the Electron site. I’m not that impressed with the other offerings formatted for the M:S.
Can anyone suggest another source of samples please?

Additionally, how can I get two separate tracks on the M:S to behave like a hi-hat, ie a monophonic instrument where one sound cuts the other off please?

Check out Samples from Mars, Riemann Collection or just Google for Samples Packs made from hardware you like.

I don’t think MS has a choke feature.
You could PLock the Decay on your open hats for a pseudo choke.


What kind of samples? 808?

You can’t create choke groups, just lay both open and closed on the same track, that way one will choke the other.


Cool - but how do I do that please?

you could sample lock two different samples onto the same track. Say you have a long decay sample (open hat) on trig 4 then a different sample on trig 5 the second, trig 5 sample will cut off or choke the trig 4 sample.


Check the manual for sound locks.


You might want to experiment with microtiming on those hats to bring them alive. Like, place am open hat on trig 4, soundlock a closed hat on trig 5 and microtime it (press and hold trig and turn swing) to hit a little later.

Check how “sound locks” work.
Or just use one track of hihats, and use “p-locks/parameter locks” to set the decay longer and perhaps the amp louder of your open hats, and then turn the amp decay or amp volume down of the hihats track to make the rest of the (non-parameter-locked) hihats get softer and shorter like closed hats.


While we’re at throwing tricks: it’s fun to humanize hats by tweaking in Live Rec mode and/or setting a random LFO on the decay and/or amp vol.

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Based on this advice from elsewhere in the forums (maybe from you, even) I just started doing this where needed on hat and tom tracks and it really brought those patterns to life! I’m kind of an LFO dumb dumb, so I’d usually just mess around with it to get movement on melodic tracks.

As for samples, the Reverb pack is still free: Reverb Drum Machines | The Complete Collection | Reverb

I haven’t downloaded anything from this person in a while, but I think this stuff is all free:

If you’re cool with buying samples, I suggest Legowelt and Wavparty

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And as for this, as mentioned, Samples from Mars:)

Thanks for the advice, everyone. I’m on it!

a random LFO on the decay and/or amp vol

Even better would be setting triangle wave LFO on the amp with x16 or x32 multiplier and negative depth. Play with LFO Depth and Volume+Dist until you find the desirable levels for accented and ghost trigs. Use Level/Data knob to adjust overall volume of the track.

After that use LFO speed with divisible by 8 intervals (16, 24, 32 etc) to create synced groove. Add a bit of swing (52-56) to create even more groove.

For example, here are first 2 bars from Model:Cycles with straight hats after which I turn on LFO and change LFO Speed:

The thing with LFO however is that it is always running, meaning each time you start the sequencer LFO picks up different parts of trig’s waveform (eh? can’t find the right words to describe it better).

The same trick can be used with bass/melody and their parameters:


Good one.
If you want more control, e.g. you found a cool rhythm with above technique and want to be able to reproduce it, set the first trig of your track with a lock on LFO so that the LFO restart on this trig, and then play with the LFO phase until you get a cool groove.
Save: now you can mess with the phase parameter to change the groove, and reload when needed!


Yeah, tried to do that with LFO Reset… This heat melted me.

Great sample pack manufacturers:

Samples From Mars

Amongst many others. :slight_smile:

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How do I lock the LFO to restart please? Probably a basic thing but I can’t figure it out…

FUNC + LFO SETUP will get you to the LFO submenu and you should be able to configure restart on/off from there

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