Sourcecrowding a solution for my octatrack setup

Hi all, I’m looking for inspiration/ help on how to connect the following machines:

  • octatrack
  • Digitakt
  • DAW Soundbord
  • empress zoia
  • ninja zen delay.
    % sh-10a
  • td3

My question to public would be how the would lay this out. Ableton audio ins/outs is my on option for mixing now. If you have suggestions. Let me know.

Mostly midi
I’d use internal seq on sh01a and td3
Zen delay as fx send
Oct as both sound source and 2nd fx
Zoia as …… fx / sound source

You decide if a particular box is note / seq / master tempo
Not sure what you mean by Daw soundboard

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I don’t have anything practical to contribute, I just want to endorse the word “sourcecrowding”.


Odds that I’ll use it the next time I do a code review? > 80%


It did tweak my brain a little too.

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Maybe start without integrating daw first and get your hardware aligned as a starting point.


How many ins and outs? Do you have clock syncing ? How do you plan to record? These are the things I’d start with.

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Just a little twist

Valid questions. I record in Daw I have enough for anything doesn’t mean you need to use all

How experienced are you with this gear? It seems like you bought a lot at once.

If it was me, I would just hook up the Octatrack and TD3 to your interface OT (2 OT ins to the DAW and 2 DAW outs into the OT) to start and spend my time learning the OT. I am not sure why you have a DT as well? It’s really tough to suggest much because I have no idea what you are trying to do musically. I will keep it basic.

After getting comfortable with the OT I would connect the Zoia to the DAW and learn that. If you have a good interface you should be able to route the Zoia to your OT via the software mixer. This would let you use the Zoia as an effect ion software or hardware.

You’d probably want to sync these boxes to your Daw with a sync box and dial in the latencies so you don’t have phasing or sync/jitter issues. I’d buy an ERM sync box for this and connect the OT and Zoia to it. Then put a rim shot trigger on 1/5/9/13 steps and dial in the latency on the ERM for each box.

Doesn’t matter. I have enough. And believe me and others i know a lot from my gear. Btw: this is not towards you :slight_smile:


No I bought it in a span of a couple of years. And I’m more than novice with it. So it doesn’t mind you can send in whatever of idea

I would go like this for the audio:

  • td3 > zen delay > OT
  • sh01 > Zoia > DT > OT
  • OT > DAW

For the midi:

  • DT > sh01
  • DT > td3
  • OT as master clock > DT

OT as master performance mixer, DT as midi brain + samples, TD3 for acid (of course), sh01 + Zoia for leads/pads/textures, DAW for recording.
TBH with a setup like that, you don’t even need the DAW.

Ah ok. I’d personally use the Zen Delay and Zoia as send effects from the DAW. That way you can use them on any sound source easily. So far we are at 4 ins and outs used.

I would have the OT set up to send audio into the DAW and receive MIDI sync. That takes us to 6/6 IO

I would send in the Td3 and Sh01 as mono ins. This way I could process them with both effects and/or sample into the OT using the software mixer. 8/6 I/O

DT I am not sure. I would probably sell it…haha. Its a bit redundant to me with the OT. But if not, I would send the stereo outs into the DAW and use the USB to send it samples. I’d record the Dt track by track. 10/6 IO

For MIDI, you probably need a sync box

I personally would buy an ERM sync box. It has 4 Sync outs. I would send each 1 to the OT, DT, Td3 and sh01.
This would be an incredibly flexible setup one you got everything synced up. It can be done with 1 interface like an RME 802 (12 ins 8 outs).

for a less flexible but super cool DAWless option that does not need a sync box, I would use SineDied’s setup.