Sp 404 as a looper (edit... or sp555?)

I have Ar 2; A4 2 and a pioneer djm450
i like it to make lofi hiphop

I send audio Ar to A4 and then to mixer
I thought of adding a looper, from Phones A4 into mixer…

This way I can mix from one techno track to another,
and make some lofi next to it…

But, can I use SP404 as a live looper like this?

As a live looper? Not so much unless you’re lightning fast with insane timing and even then it’s a stretch. I would recommend the Boss RC505 or similar looping stations.


No, the 404 does not live loop. For samplers, I believe the Toraiz SP16 does live looping. Boss makes some dedicated live loopers, like the RC-505.

no live looper on sp 404

Or 1010 BlackBox:

You can record WAV files while you are also playing sequences or song sections.

  1. Set up the sequences or song sections you want to play, and start playback.
  2. Go to the WAV Load and Record screen and configure the empty cell.
  3. Push [Rec] while on the WAV Load and Record screen and the sequences or sections are playing.
  4. Push [Rec] again if needed to stop recording. The sequences or sections will continue to play. If you have Rec To Play enabled, the pad will also start to play. Configure looping and other options as desired.
  5. Managing WAV Files below.
    After you record a WAV file, that file is available for use in other pads and presets as well. The WAV file is saved on the microSD card with a file name the same as the name on the screen with a .WAV file extension.
    If you have the Tools setting RecToPlay set to ON (Push [TOOLS], then push [INFO] to see this setting), blackbox will automatically start to play the new sample when recording ends if the Length parameter was used for recording.
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What about sp 555?
Seems like a looper
Hope there is no audio quality drop when sampling
Any experience?

For a looper is at least want

Synchronised start looping , stop looping based on tempo.
Hopefully stretch audio loop to other tempo

I’m not sure I’d want a 404 as a looper ( I had one , they’re ok for some things. ).
The 101 box looks fine

I’d probably go broader than those two boxes though.

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the 555 has been called the poor man’s MPC, it does have a live looper, only 4 bars though. It can overdub. So if you are live you have to remember to erase it to dub a new one, it really is a secondary add-on feature.
No pitching, timestrech really choppy.
Sound quality not all that bad actually, a compressed, bitey sound. It’s a quirky box with unique fx, but has been said there are many better options these days.

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Can you please be so kind to compare 101 vs 404?

Not really , I don’t have the time.
You’d be best to dig into the specs and get a better understanding of why you need and the most suitable machine for you.

Lots on YouTube , read the manuals , try other forums , use google

Appreciate you openness)