Space case echo

Anyone else excited about this recycled new tape delay? I think it sounds pretty fine and different to the the other wonderful tape delays in this world.


Is it a real tape inside or DSP?


battery powered huh? Sounds quite nice, I wonder what the price is/will be

It’s a conversion of an old Marantz pmd-221 (iirc), so it is using regular cassette tapes.
Seems to sound really good. You could build one yourself, but the added features and polish is very nice.

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Yep, it’s a custom PMD 221. I’ve modifed my 222 to make a tape delay, it’s not a difficult mod but I don’t have all the features of this one. The harder is to reach low delay time (slow tape speed). I guess I can have 250/300 ms of delay.
Oh and you need a Marantz pmd. Last time I’ve checked it was pretty hard to catch.

This one cost arround 800/900$ and it’s not always available, you sometimes have to wait for a new batch.

ahh okay then. Out of my pricerange then. thanks for the info though

I think it’s a great sound and a great look.

Online window shopping :wink:

Thought I’d share, as not many folks seem to know about it.

The fact you can record too is a big deal IMO… rec very fast and play back very slow seems pretty unique, and you can slow to almost 0.

Seems to be a secret weapon, if you read the testimonials

Not least …

“I am quickly falling in love” M. Ernestus

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Yeah it does sound really really nice, but I do have a el capistan myself that I’m quite fond of

I’m fortunate enough to own both a space case and an el capistan. They are two very different machines.

As great a pedal as it is, if forced to choose between the two, the el cap would be sold yesterday.

Waiting on a space case.

Would sell the el cap i have too; not the best; too shiny, simulated.

Timefactor and boss space echo sound much better to my ears.

Had a t rex replicator, sent it back immediately, the strymon sounded better; love the deco though.

Interesting ! Can it simulate an El Capistan ?


A friend showed me this:

Anybody had the first version? Opinions?

I was pretty close to get one after 12 months of waiting.
Finally asked for a refund cause I was in need of the money…

All I have to say is that Jim is a person of trust, he always took the time to reply and give me details on his whereabouts.
He seems pretty good at what he’s doing.
I still dream of getting a SC-02… Tape delays are so gorgeous!


I pre-ordered the Space Case TE-2…super excited about making tape loops :nerd_face:


How much is it?

“The TE-2 is 1250, and 30 shipping.”

No idea if this will change on release, but it’s what I paid. I’m more interested in using it for it’s sound on sound recording and speed control (like the morphagene), than as a delay. The muffwiggler thread on it has lots of updates posted.

Going to buy some here, seems very good:

Damn 1250 grrrr that’s almost Pulsar23 money

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