Spatializer MG for Phat Bass

sampled the good ol’ analogue bass synth into the Octatrack, and tried out the Spatializer.

doubleclicked the FX button for more settings and what did i find but only the most awesome sound-hugeness dial: the MG setting!

set MG to 92 and hey presto mega bass.


The moment I want to sell the OT or the MD you come along posting an Easter egg



lolzor …

talking of cool things … re/ lesser known artifacts of the MD … getting hihat samples to sound more enjoyable to the ear is greatly assisted by opening the Master Effects, going directly to EQ, and turning down that Gain setting (lower right), a setting that is by default set to 100 percent on all new blank kits.

Even if no other parameters are touched, reducing this global EQ Gain somehow makes accessing the more velvety aspects of hihats are more approachable task.


I’ve been using the Spatializer a lot pre-reverb but I never even touched that control, thanks for the heads up!