Splice - Sample Pack Recommendations

Hey Guys, So I have a bunch of credits to spend and I thought of asking for some recommendations…
I am looking for some high quality techno / house drums to load on my DT…
Anyone has any memorable Sample Pack you might recommend?


This thread clearly didn’t go anywhere the first time, but I have the same exact query, so I’m going to try to revive it. I would like to burn some credits before cancelling my Splice account.

I’ve grabbed some things that were just ok, so I’m looking for recommendations. For example, I found some “rave” breakbeats that were alright. Some “earthscapes” that were pretty interesting. A friend pointed me at a Mr. Bill drum pack that was also good… I don’t think I have very good aim though, because I’m not feeling most of the samples I’ve been auditioning.

Is there anything you got from Splice that was really good? Or maybe something that was totally bad, but in a memorable way? Maybe something that was at least noteworthy? I’m all ears!

I don’t really care which genre, category, or instrument. I’m mostly interested in hearing what other people thought was interesting!

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i was supposed to get three months free with my MPC One but bugger me if i can figure out how to actually redeem the code that Akai gave me, or actually download the individual samples so that i’m not bound by the subscription going forward. that aside, all the breakbeat loops kinda sound the same and there are endless different packs to choose from so it’s kind of hard to actually figure out which ones are better than the others, if at all

I cancelled my splice a while back as I found it hard to navigate. Recently I discovered ‘audiotent’ and bought a couple of packs of samples on their website. As always I never use 100% of a pack so its not efficient spending so checked if they were on splice and they are!

But yes for techno and progressive house, the audiotent stuff on splice is great. I generally just use samples for percussion, excluding kicks for which I use the kick 2 plugin. They have a really nice selection of loops for tops and good individual hits for hats and snares/claps etc.

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