Squarp Pyramid [compilation topic]

This topic is a compilation of the many topics that Elektronauts have started about the Squarp Pyramid MIDI sequencer. Please post general discussion of the Pyramid in this topic.



This looks more than promising, a sequencer, that has polyrhythmics, polymetrics, irrational rhythmics and euclidean patterns at the core of its sequencer engine.

I want individual track scales for the A4 at once, those guys are far beyond any of your gear. And P-Locks won’t save you this time!

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Looks like 2015 is gonna be the year of the stand alone sequencer. So much good stuff coming out, must ignore it :slight_smile:


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Wow, remember peeping this a while, back. Looks even better than I imagined. People who were interested in the new Arturia Beat Step Pro (or whatever its called), now have a high end option.

The specs on the page are quite elaborate, the “quickstart” alone contains more in-depth information than the whole A4 manual. Also some very exciting features, MIDI-standard track resolution, up to 64 bars(!) per track(!) and the freedom in track lengths/scales combined with that interface really sounds exciting.

So exiting !

Sort of thing I’ve wanted Electron to do for the past few years.
Comes in at much cheaper than a Cirklon also.

very cool. only reason I’m not ditching my A4 is the sequencer (which doesn’t do all the thngs I’d like it to do)

If it works as a unquantized midi looper too, I’ll be all over this (bye bye A4)

Definitely on my radar.
A few unlisted features that had me wondering about…

Control changes (cc) sequencing & editability?
Import/Export midi files?
Backup method?
Amount of pattern/song storage inside device
Switch up individual track patterns? (as per rs7000)
Plug in additional midi controllers for editing the sequencer itself (above & beyond a keyboard)?
cv - capable of v/oct - hz/v??
Probability option on trigs?

So will wait & see.

The editable, sequencable midi effects look promising…
“Effect manager -You can add up to 4 effects per track. Press FX and place a real time effect in the chain using, for example quantizer, humanizer, delay, harmonizer, randomizer, glitch, swing or arpeggiator”

fyi this iOS app for sequencing hardware is debuting as well.

This is indeed what we need a “hardware sequencer”, which has the innovative features.

It looks like a Maschine…in design :wink:

Anyway, I have a question concerning this unit:
The unit has two midi-out, is it possible to have a midi out A and B, so you can control 32 midi channels? (Like Akai Mpc-2000) or (Akai Mpc-60, who has 16*4 = 64 midi-out channels)

This/similar is what Elektron should have made instead of their RYTM (my opinion), but yeah its too late now!

silly question but can you do linear midi notes recoding?

Looks really great. I’m still hoping Elektron comes out with their own take on this. Somewhere between Pyramid, Cirklon, Roland MX-1, and the sequencers of the MPC and Octatrack there is a gem of a new product.

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this looks awesome! the UI looks promising as well, too bad they don’t ship to north america :frowning:

i wonder if Elektron is working on something similar, I imagine they will still push the boundaries further somehow, especially over what seems to be a very capable USB spec on the new analog machines.

they could release a pretty potent version of this highly catered to the black boxes with overbridge functionality over usb and 6-8 inputs for the pre-analog elektron boxes.

Elektron version should have overbridge multitracking onboard. No computer, no soundcard involved.

I can almost see it happening too. No matter how much I’d like to see updates to the MD/MNM/OT I don’t see it happening in the next 3 or 4 years - certainly not all three to bring up to, say, Overbridge specs. But, taking, for example, an OT, stripping out the sample engine and adding some more audio ins along with a more capable midi sequencer and improved FX potential could be interesting.

Basically take Roland’s Aira mixer from an Elektorn slant but add midi sequencing. Boom.

But more of a pipe dream than anything else!

it looks really cool, but it is kind of frustrating.
As far as I can see, this box doesn’t have anything in terms of hardware that the A4 doesn’t. Many of these things could be implemented in a firmware update (scales, real polyrhythms, euclidean sequencing).

But I can’t see Elektron ever adding these things. It doesn’t seem their style.
And as for midi-sequencing…

Yes, it could all be done in the A4 with the benefit of some excellent sounds already built in. :wink:

Btw. the Euclidian stuff can be done with tools and then hacked into the A4, it might not bee that intuitive, but to get good results you’ll need to do a little planning anyway. A lot of the rhythms that come out of that algorithm doesn’t necessarily sound good. :wink:

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Thanks for posting this! THAT is everything I was hoping the A4 would be and reason have let my A4 take a back burner and refocusing intensely on my Spectralis 2.

Pyramid is alive !

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