Squarp Pyramid + MD : TURBO MIDI?

Does anyone know if the TURBO MIDI option on MIDI Port A of the Squarp Pyramid work with Machinedrum?

have a read of this response…

and see this page here…
Pyramid Manual | Squarp instruments

in particular this quote…

It’s possible to speed up the midi A communication up to 6,7 times and avoid latency problem, when sequencing an Elektron machine (Analog Four, Analog Keys, Analog Rytm, Octatrack), by using the TURBO MIDI protocol

i guess you could assume the above also applies to MD :thinking:

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Yes, exactly my thinking! However I wonder if the TURBO setting on MD only applies to sysex transfer such as patterns and samples … I guess the best way to find out is to try it … it just would require shuffling of my cables and definition files, which I’m not keen on doing twice if it doesn’t work out …

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t work.

Turbo will increase the speed with which MIDI information passes from the transmitter to receiver. While it was primarily intended to speed up SysEx and sample dumps to and from the MD to a computer, you might find some advantage if you are sending a lot of MIDI from Pyramid to MD. That said, I have never seen an actual report of a user saying that Turbo improved MIDI timing.

What are you thinking of doing?

Complimenting or replacing MD’s sequencer. With 16 tracks (well, 12 in my case, 4 reserved for control machines) could be a lot of automation. With sync taking up some of the bandwidth, more bandwidth could fix the dreaded drift I’ve been getting during shows. Mysteriously being off by one beat etc.

Test successful - got turbo working on Machinedrum at x4.0 speed, confirmed in the TURBO menu. The connection is fragile though, particularly when saving work on the Pyramid.