ST DT DN Rythm and Live 11 Subgroups Recording/Solved!


im using now all 4 machines over overhub to record all tracks in live 11.
I created for each machine a subgroup for all audio tracks. I can record all tracks at once after i done a setting in the perferences of live11 (M1 Mac).

But my problem and i cant find a solution or FAQ on the net. I have now 4 soubgroups and i just can activate one for recording (it just record all chanels in this group. But i cant arm all 4 Subgroups for recording at one time.

I want to record jams and for this i need all tracks/soubgroups armed /record.

Does any one have an idear how to ARM 4 subgroups ??


Ctrl/Cmd + click on the arm button will arm that track without disabling all the others.


Thanks but this does not works for subgroubs , but i found the solution.
When you armed all seperate tracks in the group. you simply have to push the play button of the row in the master section :slight_smile: so simple …