Staccato Notes on MIDI Out

I’m trying to sequence a Roland JU-06 using a track from the M:S using the standard MIDI DIN ports. When I place a series of 16th notes using the trig buttons the JU-06 doesn’t play staccato 16th notes, but instead a few legato notes. Is there a setting in a menu somewhere I need to change?

The default trig/step length is normally set to 1/16th, you can reduce or p-lock that so that there’s a greater ‘gap’ - don’t know the MS but i’m sure you’ll find the Len parameter next to velocity and note etc

Just hold down the button for the trig you want to change and you can adjust those values.

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Thanks @avantronica and @bibenu
I tried adjusting the step length in the Note/Vol/Len menu, but it didn’t seem to work for me. I’ll play around with it more.

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I think that’s all you can do on the M:S (or M:C) … maybe the answer lies in the JU-06 … maybe maybe note-off is being ignored (like a ‘legato’ mode somewhere) … dunno, just speculating … I don’t have a JU-06.

Yeah, that’s the other thing I need to determine, if it’s a JU-06 setting.

Edit: It’s strange - if I put 4 different notes on 4 steps in a row (triggers 1,2,3 and 4) I still only hear 2 long notes. The JU-06 envelope is also very short. Complete mystery.