Standalone App Capture Low Volume Output

Low Volume when using Digitakt Audio Capture (standalone app)
(As well as low output when recording in my DAW)
(And same issue w Digitone Standalone App)

Hello there fellow Elektron enthousiasts!
I was wondering if anyone here has encountered the same voulume level problem, and by any means found a solution to fix it?

I’ve got this issue where i bounce down/capture the audio multitracks using the Digitakt Standalone App > AudioCapture. The Monitor volume is okay (@12 o clock), and so i start capture, but when i playback the recorded multitracks, the Volume is much much lower and barely visible???!!!

The volume levels in my composition are all maxed out, so no problem there.

I’ve turned off the int to main in system > usb config so i wouldn’t get feedback (doubling phasing) to eliminate a false sense of volume. Therefore audio heard is coming purely over USB (circumventing the Master Volume knob)


i turn the gain up on the circle icon.

other details on why its ‘quiet’ are in the threads somewhere , but i cant remember where … i think its something to do with headroom but i’m honestly not sure.

this thread seems to crop up very regularly.

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the Monitor Gain (circle Icon) doesn’t affect the output vol, just the listening volume?

Yes, enough threads to easily get lost and stuck in.
I couldn’t find a direct answer to this problem in particular (w using the standalone app)

Maybe Elektronauts Forum Moderators could somehow post the question (issue/problem) followed by the Solution at the top of those threads when it’s solved eventually? Saves a lot of time reading through ‘garbage’ (in some cases)

There was a nice one about using pink noise to balance stuff though, but it’s not related to this USB recording issue

There’s this thread:

But the issue discussed here is -12dB when mixing down a project is probably fine…
! When mixing proper (gain staged) multitracks (which should be as loud as possible without clipping/distorting as to retain it’s character in full and have some beef to bite your teeth into)

Capturing multis out of the Digitone/Digitakt is not the same as Mixing. Its recording the material for an eventual MixDown Session (Recording Session) right?

You can alter the gain as you wish, they start from a place where there’s more room to work.

It’s not like you’re going to get any benefit from getting close to overdriving when you’re working digitally.

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