Standing Desk Recommendations...or Something Else

So I’m thinking about getting a standing desk mainly do do long hours of programming on the Monomachine. Hunched over my main studio desk for hours at a time ain’t cutting it anymore. It doesn’t have to be too big and ideally I would like it to tilt towards me at an angle. Any recommendations or any alternatives you can think of? Thanks!

I use one at work and I love it.
On the small side if you plan to put a lot of gear there.
IKEA has manually operated one that is cheap and looks ok. Just make sure it isn’t wobbly.

One thing is certain though. Your back will love you.


ironing board without the cover is a workable solution


I use quiklok dj233. It’s a folding dj table. Can use seated or standing.

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a few of us in DEV and IT at work put together standing desks using IKEA parts, and eventually the company just started offering legit stand up desks that allow you to move them into a seated or standing position (probably cause of how ghetto our offices looked).

When we first got them I was living a very sedentary lifestyle so standing up vs. sitting down made it ok to continue eating philly cheese steaks on the regular :grin: , however after getting back into shape and sticking to a regular exercise schedule (also spend my breaks and lunches walking around the campus), I’ve found myself rarely using it in the standing position.

I’m not sure a stand-up desk higher is going to help ergonomics on an elektron device that lays flat. You will probably still be bending your neck to program just at a different elevation while standing. I’ve been looking at building my own inclined shelf to place the devices so that I can sit straight up.


I have one of these, at work, and at home. You can raise it up or lower it with a push of a button. I don’t like to stand, or sit, for very long. I put an ikea wood top on it. Saves some money. The geekdesk wood tops are too expensive, but you can order just the frame and get any top you want. Hire a local woodworker even.

I would grab one of these to angle things toward you.

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I use a desk from at work. It is motorized to go from the down position to the up position, with a built in memory for several variable heights. Nothing fancy, just a plain bamboo table top, but it looks just fine and works great!

Get perforated metal shelving units (with a thin gauge of vinyl/plastic coating to keep your gear from getting scratched up/sliding around), so you can stand while you program/record/etc.

Got a 5 shelfer with adjustable heights, so I no longer have to hunch over the front edge of the desk to get to other gear/etc towards the back.
Also feel more productive this way, as my computer remains on the desk if I decide to record into a DAW. But mostly interested in recording to tape, so the tascam is on the lowest shelf where I can still stand.