Staring at the endless, we learned the inevitable

Let’s all support Elektron a little bit more, I’m personally in love with my machine. Here’s one of my latest tracks where the baseline and the kick are made with the A4. We still have amazing machines.


very chill I dig it!

also thanks for the positivity. i also love elektron and all the cool things they’re up to.


Glad you like it!

I personally love Elektron. The only thing I don’t like about them is the fact that I plan all of my budget around what my next Elektron gear will be.


literally spent a few hours today doing the same thing! contemplating getting a used rytm. but, no joke after hearing the percussion from the A4 you just presented, i’m thinking maybe i should give my AK a real try when it comes to drums. wouldn’t mind saving 900 dollars.


Man, I’m definitely getting a used Rytm next haha :smiley:

haha great minds think a like. i’m gonna try to hold off for a while. between eleKtron gear and eurorack i’ve been just lighting money on fire.

My wife will divorce me if I try to get into the Eurorack thing. I’m mostly into compact analog gear that can do a lot, which is what Elektron is.

Thanks to all who listened to the track btw! Would love to hear your comments :slight_smile: