Start learning AK or RYTM first?

I got the dark trinity mk1 with AK, not A4. I got brave and started first with OT about a month ago. I’d guess my OT skill level at lower intermediate. Still have A LOT to learn but now feel comfortable navigating and doing simple arrangement. I’m wondering whether to start learning AK or RYTM next. What do you suggest and why? Thanks!

AR’s architecture is more straightforward and easier to pickup than A4 from what I understand, I have an AR and not an A4 but I’ve read this a lot on the forum. Might be a nice intermediate inbetween tackling the depths of the OT and A4. It’s also similar enough to the other two that it will help sink the shared functions into your brain.


Thanks! So you think A4 and AK are pretty similar other than the keyboard?

Yep, keys also has multiple outputs, joystick, and a slight bass boost… But the general structure of the synth is the same.


I have both.

AK has a more robust synthesis with a wide physical layout.
AR has simpler synth machines with a more condensed physical layout. (I’d start here.)

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Thanks! Nice name lol :+1:t3:

Learn them together… focus on what’s common first. (Shameless self plug promo!)

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