Start / stop footswitch, what a mess!

I there,

after long researshes and try, I give up. I need to play my fresh new MS with footswitch for start and stop operation, guitar player here , I need my hands on the guitar.
I tried with two devices that send midi message to the Elektron, none works. Or its works with the Morning Star MC6 but with fix tempo. I can’t program a bank for each song. I want a basic thing : change pattern by hand , and go ( press a switch )

any suggestion ? It’s a pity, I still have a terrific Yamaha RMX1 ( horrible groove box ) which have a single pedal in for start / stop. it seems that no brand does this nowodays.

kinda confused on what you’re using with the MS here… is it the Morning Star MC6? if so, how do you have it set up?