Starting a modular

Let’s say you’ve been selling unused gear and you have something like 2k€ in the pocket.
And on the desk, every Elektron Machine, a 0-Coast and an Avalon Bassline…

You’re toying with the idea to buy either a Novation Peak or a few modules, “just to try”.
Basically going for FX and/or FM, wavetables and other exotic synthesis, percussions… (I like what I heard of Plonk).

What would you do ?

I’d buy a case, some utilities and some exotic fm, wavetable or fx modules :okej:

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I’m also in the process of building my first small modular. I would suggest using your OT as a sequencer paired with a MIDI module that has a lot of CV outs so you can use the LFOs. I’d also look into the Intellijel Shapeshifter with another VCO like a Dixie. Just my 2 cents.

So far I’ve resisted the temptation and I keep telling myself that a healthy crack addiction would be the more sustainable option and probably safer for my sanity and my marriage, too. One thing I find incredibly sexy though, is the Waldorf kb37.


Get a skiff and dive in.
I did a few years ago, bought the Roland Malekko modules.
They sounded great and it was fun.
Turns out I prefer standalone devices as opposed to modules, so I avoided the money pit thing.
Only one way to find out.


Those new TipTop Mantis cases look great. They’re killing me by drawing me back in - 208hp, good power, really good price. Case is important.

And the digital voices are also killing me by drawing me back in: The Plonk, the Make Noise Mysteron and Telharmonic, Mutable Instruments Rings, the Noise Engineering stuff, the ALM Akemie’s Castle and Akemie’s Taiko; with some chaos provided by the Pittsburgh Modular game system (which I already have) and Make Noise Wogglebug (which I need again).

I’ve got some Xmas bonus money and was faced with a similar dilemma. The above setup was really tempting - especially as I could use the Analog 4 and SQ-1 and Oplab to cover a lot of sequencing ground.

But ultimately I decided to get a MODOR NF-1m and a Critter&Guitari Organelle instead. There’s some great tuned delay patches for the Organelle that meet or beat the Mysteron, for example, and clever sequencing of the OP-1’s pluck engine from an Elektron box (to add chaos via a MIDI LFO) can do the same. Monomachine can do great tuned delay stuff for pseudo-physical-modeling and has some of my favorite percussive FM. When I stopped to think about it, there wasn’t really that much in Eurorack land that offered more than what I have, at least not for comparable pricing.

But it’s still insanely tempting. I’ve added and removed the Mysteron + Wogglebug combo from my cart so many times the past few days. (But for me, I just realized I could probably get so much more out of adding an Organelle to my setup, especially since a handful of Mutable Instruments code has been ported to the platform)

Personally I’ve been thinking of grabbing one of the tip-top audio happy ending kits and throwing a handful of effects into it for processing sound like tiptop’s zdsp, synthroteks dirt etc.
on the other hand if I had about 2k i would look into getting a complete system. The make noise Cartesian system is quite nice. As is the Erica synths fusion drone system.

Of course those Systems and modules would be choices I made base on music I make but the basics idea I’ve tossing about is whether buying a complete system is better than piecing something together or vice versa.


What would you do ?

Synthrotek water proof case $667.99 (

mutable instrument elements $539

and fill the case with modulators and sequencers

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I saw a post about drawing custom wave shapes in OT to use as oscillators using the LFO designer, basically by looping half a cycle of a square wave and then applying your designed LFO to it to make it audible. If you routed this out would you be able to use them as 4 CV outs or would some trickery be needed in between to bring the voltages up to the same level? Ive not delved into eurorack yet so I’m a bit clueless. If it worked though it could save buying a midi module. Here’s the post to be more clear on what I mean

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I think the best approach is to figure out specific goals and then sort out a proper case. Hard limits are helpful too. I was dead-set on a 6U 90 hp Monorocket and only a month ago, after about 5 years with the same case upped to a 6U 104 hp Monorocket.

So do you want processing/FX OR FM OR both? If you want one or the other to pair with your other stuff, you could probably really get a lot out of a 3U setup or a small 6U. If you want to do both and want a good amount of control within the case, a small 6U or larger 6U is more likely the way to go. But be prepared to spend 3-5k if you go beyond a 3U case. It gets out of hand very quickly. It helps that you have external possibilities to work with, so hopefully you won’t feel as much pressure to go big.

Starting point is establishing clear goals and getting a good case. From there, go slow and enjoy the journey :slight_smile:


these are all amazing… I’d love to get my hands on some


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That’s interesting but 24 LFOs hiding in the OT…

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Good point, still though this could give you 4 extra. I was just thinking as a start point if someone was looking to keep the modules to a minimum

I’m interested in this:

I just got an Octatrack and want to control a Wavetable or FM focused skiff. Using the OT effects so only eurorack voices and utilities for me.

If you have an A4 you can literally just buy an a wavetable module and drive everything from the A4, including sending the external oscillator back through A4 effects, env, vca’s etc.
My personal favourite is the new Synth Tech E352. Absolute beast.
Shapeshifter second


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the eowave 6u 84hp powered case is less than 300 euro new Inc delivery.
they do a 104hp version too.


Novation Peak would be great as a polyphonic synth.

But if you are going to use FM, particularly audio FM, I would suggest to check out pure analogue gear. I have some digital and analogue gear in the studio and IMO audio-rate-filter FM sounds best with analogue gear. You could check out synths made by Dreadbox, or the Fusebox by Analogue Solutions. The Dominion 1 would also be a great choice and there are others …

Recently I added the Fusebox to my arsenal … beautiful 70-ties like analogue sound, audio-FM, and this handy arp/patternator/interval generator combination, which makes the semi-modular synth to become an instrument for live performance.

Novation Peak’s FM options are great although the depth of FM could still be stronger, even though it was deepened in an os update.
The great thing with the Peak’s mod matrix though is that you can keep stacking the FM modulation paths, doubling the FM depth with each new stack added.
Don’t think I could choose between Peak and Eurorack. Just by both :money_mouth_face:

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