Static samplechain attack Issue

Hi Guys, this issue I am encountering is really bugging me out.
It happened before but now is starting to upset me, since I need a solid kick.

Preface: I have a Lexar 700x as CF card.

I use 4 tracks (T1>T4) loaded with Static machines.

On T1 I have the kick.
I usually have samplechains made by only kicks, snares etc.
And in this setup T1 and T2 normally reads slot loaded with samplechains.
While T3 and T4 reads some loopchains and longer oneshot scapes (not more than 2 minutes usually).

The problem is that the kick doesn’t sound the same at every trig !!
Is like the attack transient doesn’t get read the same each time…!

I tried 2 things:

I tried to Copy the Track and pasting it to a blank Pattern.
The sound now is ok.
So I go back to the problematic Pattern and now T1 sounds ok.
After something it sounds bad again.
But I can’t really say when this happens.
Let’s say I lock another slice, then the sound is not ok. But locking back the previous one goes ok again,

I tried clearing the trigs on the other 3 Static tracks, the sound of the kick is ok.
I reload (paste the previously copied) Pattern and the sound of the kick is again shit.

Also EMPTY RESET did nothing.

Does anyone experienced this?

I am starting thinking to do not have sub-directories in the AUDIO folder…


Tried to collect the samples in the Project Folder…waste of time.

I then tried to turn off from Playback menu the timestretch.
It somehow gave a more solid sound. It changes (speaking of the attack of the kick) on every first of a 16/16 bar now; not randomly.
(sidenote: the kick track is 4/16 - but it’s the same if it is 16/16 or 64/64 like the Pattern length)

On Top of all of this…of course…FLEX machine doesn’t give any problem

sounds disappointing, but not too surprising perhaps, i guess the kick on a flex behaves fine, it sounds like an issue that must have been discussed before, i wonder if anyone has uncovered a maximum streaming limit from CF to capture all these fast transients, may just be a limitation, try inset a 1ms gap on the front of your kick as a test and make sure it’s not a phase issue with other material

Thanks for chiming in!!

Yeah, I think the same about datastream…I really would like to know what limits there are or if there could be any hurdles using sub-folders…

I should anyway recreate (making shorter) some chains to be loaded on Flex.

What do you mean with phase issues?

I am listening to the kick in solo


I created back some of those Kick chains…I used a method that I tried few times with perfect result.

Now these new kickchains sound perfectly!

It should have been some issue with those old ones…maybe I did tjhem with less awareness.

Anyway I’ll keep updated this post if I encounter something more predictable.

…that’s exactly what i experienced right away, when i got my octatrack…

tried it with different cards…only buy the best to get anyway…only those high performance ones from pro photographer shops…

makes no difference…

same with subfolders…no difference…

here and there, with a preference tending to happen on the first bar, ot swallows some transients…

no sample chains!
just accurate single hits or loop segments…

then all you guys here teached me, static machines can do pretty much all the same as flex do, exept for sample start points…

since then i never thought about using static machines for accurate transient stuff again…

strange to see one of the real ot pro’s in here, like you, having an issue…

…so yup, please keep us updated…

reeloy you raised a point that I was quite sure about: START parameter for Static.

I knew that it is not possible to use the LFO on it, but I find this not true.
I mean, if I assign LFO to STRT it does what it should: modulates the start…
I wonder if am missed some updates infos…

anyway, back to the topic: with these fresh re-created chains I am experiencing no issues at all using Static.

About the CF I would like to spend a word: with the CF shipped with OT I experienced audio drops and sort of issues.
Then I bought faster and more reliable one…no issues again. And faster Project loading too.

glad to hear there’s been an improvement for now, it doesn’t explain why it was inconsistent when you added extra tracks on the first test - by phase i just wondered if you had other fast attack sounds loaded concurrently that may have been working against the attack snappiness